Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ireland bound

This weekend a friend and I are going to Dublin, Ireland. I've never been there and I'm getting pretty excited. I haven't been sleeping well the past few days because I'm a worrier. I can't help it and it makes my stomach hurt. I'm not nervous about flying or being in a different country, it's more that I just want everything to work out. I want us to not hit any traffic and make it to the airport ok. I'd like it if we could get good seats on the plane and not have any problems getting the tickets. It would also make me happy if the plane is on time and not crowded. I've been worrying alot about packing, but haven't really started.

Tomorrow is my packing day and I've already started an extensive list. I usually overpack, so I'm going to try to bring the bare minimum, which for me is probably 10 lbs more than I should bring. I still have to empty my camera memory sticks from Spain.

Mr. B and I are also going to try to get some Valentine's Day stuff in tomorrow. I'm really not sure what we're doing besides drinking a bottle of wine that we brought back from Spain, but that already sounds good to me! I got Mr. B a North Face fleece and I can put it on here because he's had it since January. It wasn't something he needed, but he definitely wanted it and wouldn't buy it for himself.

Ireland is going to be fun and from what I've heard, the people there are friendly and the booze is plentiful. I'll definitely post some pictures when we get back!

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