Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ringing in the New Year

Mr. B and I are spending tonight with some friends in the city. I'm super excited because it's basically a big wedding…lots of food, lots of drinks, and lots of dancing.

I get to wear a sexy dress and some hot shoes, so I can't wait!

What are your plans tonight?

Happy New Year!!

- Mrs. B

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What I got for Christmas

I felt a little silly making a Christmas list for my family, being that I don't live with my parents, I've been out of school for quite some time and I'm married. Buy my family insisted and they wanted a list from Mr.B too.

My list consisted of:
-work socks
-a wine decanter
-a stainless steel pan
-iTunes giftcards
-earbuds for my iPod

Nothing that I really needed, but things I was going to buy for myself anyway. I got all of it and then some…my family (and husband) are awesome! I only had to return one thing and it wasn't because I didn't like it, it was because it had a hole in the arm. Not too shabby for not telling anyone where to buy things or what size.

What was on your wish list?

- Mrs. B

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas! Be safe and enjoy the holidays!!

- Mrs. B

Monday, December 21, 2009

What does this look like?

Hmm....which one of these things is not like the other? I really don't think that's appropriate for work ;-)

- Mrs. B

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow progress

Yesterday afternoon

Last night

This morning

We got around 2'. Looks like 4 ghosts out there. And yes, that is a dead mum that's been sitting on the deck since October. Lazy!!

-Mrs. B

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Catching up

Due to today's snow, I feel like I've really been able to catch up on alot of things. I cleaned out my DVR queue, which had some pretty old shows in there. I fixed the hem on two of my work pants that had been sitting, balled up, in the bottom of my closet. I finally made some Christmas cookies. I love the Nestle swirled milk and white chocolate chips. They.are.amazing!!!! And always a hit at parties. I also hung up some clothes that had been laying around as well as some stray Christmas cards that needed to go up on our front door.

Some updates on life in general:
-I passed my class for the semester...thank god!
-Mr. B and I are planning on putting our house on the market in the spring (as long as everything else goes as planned)
-I recently got a bonus, which had great timing (Merry Christmas!)
-And the BIG news....I got a raise!!!!!! Believe me, we are definitely counting our blessings. I know that alot of people are struggling and losing their jobs; we are so lucky to work at a place where they are still promoting and hiring people.

Tonight was supposed to be Mr. B's family Christmas dinner, but due to the beautiful and plentiful snow, it was postponed until next Sunday. I was totally bummed because I was going to make some pumpkin cheesecake, but I'm kind of glad after seeing how bad the roads were today. We made it to the gym before they closed at 1pm and coming home was treacherous and slow.

Since the snow is supposed to continue tomorrow, I'll most likely give the house a good cleaning and work on a baby blanket I've been messing with since October. I made a super cute skinny, striped scarf for a friend's birthday present, but of course, I didn't get to take any pictures before I wrapped it up. I liked it so much, I might just make one for myself :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

No Cavities!!!

My mom just cleaned my teeth and I didn't have any cavities! Yay!! Stickers and tooth brushes for me :)

- Mrs. B

Monday, December 14, 2009

My eye

Recently my blog posts and facebook status updates have involved my right eye. For the past couple of week it's been acting up and looking like it had pink eye.

Last time I went to the eye doctor she told me I had allergy bumps underneath my eyelid and that I needed to use this eyedrop stuff to fix it. Well that worked, but ever since the seasons changed at least once a week I was waking up with a swollen, red right eye. This happened again this past Thursday and I had enough. I had an emergency appointment to have the Dr. look at my eye again. My tickly little eye decided to clear itself up just in time foe my appointment Friday, but te bumps were still there and my story was convincing enough that she prescribed me yet another eye drop. Two, in fact.

I have to use on of them 4 times a day until tomorrow and then I have to use a different one 2 times a day until the problem stops. Now, if I'm supposed to use the we drop everyday how will I know when to stop using it?? This is much like my allergy mess…I've attempted to go off it for a few days and when I do I always get a sinus infection. It's quite lovely.

I asked my doctor why all of a sudden are my eyes rebelling and her answer was that your body changes every once in awhile. And then she added that I'm going to experience so many more changes as I get older…gee, thanks. That's just what I wanted to hear!!

Off to put my second drops of the day in!!!

- Mrs. B

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Being Away

In my old job I used to travel at least twice a month. I absolutely hated it. I mean, at first it was great…you get to see new places and travel on your employer's dime, but then the little things started to get to me. Like not being home to see friends that were in town and missing birthdays. Not to mention eating out every single meal and just being completely exhausted.

My new job doesn't really have me traveling much, but when I do it's usually local or to a fun place (like Spain!). This week I had to make a quick jaunt down to DC to go to some meetings. The trip hasn't been bad so far…I got to see one of my cousins that lives here, so that was a plus, but I can't help but think I'm so happy I don't do this for a living. I'm a creature of habit and I miss my boring same ol' same ol' life. I miss my husband and going to the gym…I miss being in my own bed and eating the same food I always eat. I'm boring, but I'm ok with that.

- Mrs. B

Monday, November 23, 2009

What's for lunch??

Mr.B and I experimented with leftovers last night. We had some frozen shrimp, heavy cream, whole wheat ziti, asparagus and mushrooms. It turned out to be delicious but I couldn't get the sauce to thicken.

Today I had some of the leftovers for lunch and I'm full and satisfied. Mmmmm

- Mrs. B

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Family and Friends

Last night we had our first Thanksgiving out of 3. It was with Mr. B's family and the food was fabulous as always. Mr. B's aunt somehow cooked for 25+ people in her smaller than a closet kitchen that has about 2 feet of counterspace. She's amazing...I don't know how she does it.

We have our second Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving day and our third and final dinner will be on Saturday the 28th. I'm going to be turkey'd out by the end of this week, but I'm looking forward to it. I can't wait to see my family and eat some delicious food :)

Last night we also went to our final 30th birthday party of the year. I'm sure next year will be filled with them too, but it was fun to see some of Mr. B's friends. I can't believe how fast this year was filled with so many parties, weddings and get togethers which definitely made if fly by.

I'm not looking forward to Christmas shopping at all, but I still have a month, right?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Feeling good(for once)

I feel good today. Refreshed. I never ever feel like this. I'm happy and looking forward to the day. What's ever stranger is that this is probably the first Friday in months that I've come to work.

Strange. Really strange, but hey...I'll take it!

It probably has something to do with the fact that my work project just passed a milestone at work and I came out looking like a rock star, and the fact that my class is pretty much done for the semester, and I get to spend the rest of the afternoon with Mr. B. Yep, that sounds about right.

I hope my good mood rubs of on someone else today!

- Mrs. B

Thursday, November 12, 2009

How cute is this?

I whipped it up this weekend for a friend's baby shower. Sometimes I amaze myself :)

- Mrs. B

Friday, October 30, 2009

I'm pissed...

I'm pissed because I can't stay awake for the life of me to watch an entire Phillies game.

I'm pissed because I studied and studied for my midterm and did less than spectacular. I knew the material but kept second guessing myself.

I'm pissed that I have to be away from Mr. B on my birthday and have to spend it with virtual strangers that think a good meal comes from a chain restaurant like Friendly's. {gag}

I'm pissed that it's been raining so much and I haven't been able to enjoy the fall weather.

I'm pissed that stupid little things like this piss me off so much. I've tried. I've tried to be a less tense person. I've tried not being so high-strung and type A, but it really doesn't help do anything but get me more frustrated at the people that go through life so haphazardly and get by. It's not fair, not fair, not fair.

The only thing that helps on days like these is going to the gym and watching trashy reality shows. So that's what I'm doing on my day off, with ten dozen other chores thrown in because I'm like that....can't sit still for more than 10 minutes. Mr. B says I'm going to give myself a heart attack, but amazingly my blood pressure is always well under the 'recommended' numbers. Last time I went to the dr. (2 weeks ago) it was 110/60....a regular reading is 120/80.

Thank god for the gym and healthy eating (and the occasional glass, or 4, of wine). They keep me sane and keep me going. Mr. B always plays a big part him. Last weekend we were talking to a guy at a 30th birthday party and he stopped mid-sentence and said to me,"You really do love him, don't you? I can see it in the way you look at him...what a lucky guy." I was floored and blushed insanely. And then Mr. B says, "I know I'm lucky...she picked me. She's smarter than anyone else in here and she's beautiful." True story, no lie. I'm still giddy thinking about it now. Yes, be very jealous :-)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Do you see that?!

Sunday Mr. B and I went to Walmart to get a space heater for his coworker's bday. We rarely venture to Walmart because the shelves are never stocked and they're so freaking close together that you have to manuever the cart just right so as to not hit the ignorant person who you politely asked to move but didn't.

We're in the check out line and I started browsing the trashy celeb magazines when Mr. B grabbed my arm and pushed me out of line. My first thought was WTF?! but then I saw it scamper under the shelf. The biggest freaking spider I've seen in years. Ugh, gross!!

So of course I had to take a picture. While I'm taking the picture the woman in line behind me walked within 2" of the thing. I thought it was going to carry her kid away.

--Mrs. B

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Keeping it claaaaaaassssssssy, as always, NY

Yes, taking a private train is totally second class. Eff the environment and saving money!! Oh, wait...I forgot that the Yankees pay the big bucks for all of their talent, so they have to baby them and put them on expensive planes. I just love me some A.Roid and Derek Cheater.

We're whiners? Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black?

Andplusalso, what does GQ have to do with anything? My dog could have written a better article than this. Pathetic.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Best Drain De-Clogger Ever!

I've used Draino, Liquid Plumber, and everything else under the sun, but I found something this past weekend that worked better than all of them combined. For some reason, my bathroom sink has a nasty habit of getting clogged every couple of months...probably because of the amount of hair that makes its way down there. Last time this happened I took to the disgusting task of removing the trap underneath and cleaning it out. I had to soak the thing in Simple Green overnight because it was so gunked up....GROSS.

I'll let you in on the secret....baking soda....vinegar...and boiling water. Yep, that's it. I thought to myself. That is waaaaaaaayyyy too simple to work as good as I need it to, but then I thought about all of those times when my parents would leave me alone and I'd make my own little 'volcano' in a plastic cup out in the yard with baking soda and vinegar. Yeah, I was a rebel.

Mr. B was intrigued by my little experiment so he helped me funnel about 1/2c of baking soda into the drain. This involved getting a 'pushing apparatus' (aka-pen) to get the baking soda down far enough to make the vinegar effective. Once we accomplished this, we donned our safety glasses and poured 1c of white distilled vinegar down the drain.

At first, the vinegar wasn't going down far enough to do any damage. It was fizzing and bubbling, but nothing spectacular was happening. I decided to take matters into my own hands and get a wooden skewer to push the baking soda/vinegar mixture further down in the drain. This worked like a charm and before we knew it all kinds of disgusting stuff was bubbling up (I didn't take pictures because I was busy gagging). We let this sit for about 10-15 minutes and put a cloth over the drain and then we poured about 4 cups of boiling water down the drain. This worked like a charm and is definitely an important step.

So next time your drain is clogged don't go buy those expensive, caustic, chemical laden drain cleaners. Reach into your kitchen cabinet and have a little fun :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Found the Bathroom Before Pics!

I turned on my super slow old computer and dug through hundreds of pictures (which is one reason why it could be so slow). I really don't know what the previous owners were thinking when they painted (almost) the entire bathroom blood red. The flash actually makes it look alot lighter than it was.

Why would you not paint the last wall? Strange.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Restaurant Review: Tinto

Mr. B and I also visited Tinto, which is owned by the same guy that owns Amada. We were a few minutes early for our reservation, so we stopped at Whiskey Village next door for a drink. Whiskey Village was alot of fun and the food and drink menu looked great. We wanted to just stay there....ha ha ha.

At Tinto, they stuck us in a far corner right above the stairs. Every time someone went up and down the stairs they ran and it sounded like a herd of elephants. Not very pleasant. The tables were so small that when they brought food, which they practically threw at us, the table was overflowing and we could barely pick our glasses up to drink.

One of the memorable dishes was a light salad with fried goat cheese on the side. I could have eaten a million of those goat cheese things. So delicious! We also got a pitcher of sangria, which always makes the food taste good :)

Mr. B got some mussels in a Basque (red tomato sauce), which was just ok, but the huge stones that I got in 2 out of the 3 mussels that I had were not good. I literally thought I broke a tooth. That kind of thing kind of takes away from the experience.

I'm not going to go through the rest of the food, because nothing was really that great (except for the goat cheese and sangria). I don't think we'd ever go back here again. I'd much rather go to Amada or Bar Ferdinand or just stay at Whiskey Village ;-)

2 stars (if only for the sangria and goat cheese)

Restaurant Review: Branzino

Mr. B and I went to Branzino in the city for Restaurant Week with 2 other couples. The restaurant was really cute and you could tell it used to be an old house; complete with old, ornate molding and trim.

The hostess was really nice and let us sit down at our table even though we were 20 minutes early and the rest of our party hadn't shown up yet. She was not as nice to the rest of our party when they tried to come back to our table and reprimanded them for walking in without her showing them in. The waitress was kind of cold and not very observant or friendly.

The food was very, very good. I got the Tuna Carpaccio as an appetizer and a Shrimp Fra Diavlo with squid ink pasta for dinner. The tuna was ok; it really didn't taste like much but the shrimp dish was AMAZING! I could have eaten an entire pot of was pretty spicy and the pasta was al dente. For dessert, we had a choice of about 5 different things and Mr. B and I both chose the cheesecake, which was just ok.

Branzino is BYOB, which probably adds another half star onto my review. Overall, I'd give it 3.5 stars. We'll definitely go back again when it's not RW.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Yes, I've been MIA for quite some time and I feel guilty. Bad blogger, bad!

I've been busy with several things including 2 weddings in the same weekend, finishing up some shower gifts, birthdays, class, work and general crazy life stuff.

I have a four day weekend coming up though and I am scheduling some quality time with my blog. Promise!

Things to cover:
1. Find pictures of my hideous 'before' bathroom
2. Post new blanket and hat pictures
3. Review Tinto
4. Review Branzino
5. Talk about weddings
6. Everything else :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Stainless Steel Cleaning Magic

I just learned yesterday that olive oil on a paper towel works better than those stupid expensive SS wipes. Yay for free cleaning solutions!

PS--you only need a little bit at a time.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Restaurant Review: Le Bec-Fin

Mr. B and I went here on Wednesday for Restaurant Week. We took the train into the city and it was a quick walk to Le Bec-Fin. We made the reservation on Open Table, which I highly recommend.

As soon as we got in the door, the hostesses were very nice and took us right to our table. The restaurant was pretty empty at 5:45. Everything about Le Bec-Fin screams posh and don't-you-dare-spill-a-thing. The carpet was super plush and there were waitstaff everywhere you looked.

On to the food...I had a 'flight' of sparkling wine and a red and Mr. B just had the red. The sparkling was really good and the red was decent. For the first course, I ordered the Forrest Mushroom Ravioli with Ivory Sauce and Mr. B had the Burgundy Snail Cassolet with Hazelnut Champagne Butter. Mine was decent; the ravioli was really thin and a tad bit mushy and overcooked. The inside of the ravioli didn't really taste like much, but the variety of mushrooms underneath were delicious! Mr. B's snails were much better and made me wish I had gotten them. I'd definitely get them again over the raviolis.

Between courses, we were refilled on bread several times and the waiters were very quick about removing plates. For the second course, I had the Seared Diver Scallop with Beluga Lentil Salad, Saffron Grapefruit Vinaigrette and Mr. B had the Olive Oil Poached Salmon with Toasted Cous Cous, Red Wine Emulsion. My scallops were cooked to perfection and they were huge--the biggest scallops I've ever seen. The grapefruit vinaigrette added just enough acid to the dish and the lentils really helped to balance the flavors. Mr. B's salmon was just ok. I wasn't impressed, but he loved it. I thought that it tasted kind of bland.

For dessert, we both had Le Bec-Fin's signature Gateau Le Bec Fin. It's a super dark chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling. It was topped with a super tart and yummy raspberry sorbet. All in all, it was a great dinner and we can't wait to go back. We've already planned to celebrate our next promotion there :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

PT Cruiser in flight

Saturday night I was exhausted. By 9pm I was ready for bed. I was enjoying a sinfully long sleep when my sister woke me up at about 5am. I immediately thought something was wrong and I got up to see what was going on.

She said there was an accident around the corner that had woken her up. We went down in our PJ's to check out the situation. I honestly couldn't believe what I saw. The road adjacent to our house makes a 90 degree turn. The bay is right there and there's a marina on the corner. This girl in a PT Cruiser failed to turn and continued straight, over the curb, into the air and up onto the bulkhead. Her car was literally teetering and pointing down towards the water.

I can't even wrap my mind around how what I saw is possible. She had to be going well over 50 mph to be able to get on top of the 2+ ft bulkhead. She hit it so hard that she pushed it in and her oil pan burst--which sent oil spilling into the water and all over the jet ski's and boats that were just feet away.

When the cops asked her if she was drunk she said, "I'm not stuipd or Irish." Lovely. So she was saying I'm not stupid enough to admit I was driving drunk and I'm not Irish therefore I must not be drunk. How logical!!!! The girl also said that she thought she was going over the Cape May bridge and that's why she didn't brake. This is just goes show how out of it she was because the Cape May bridge was miles and miles away...not even close.

Thank God that no one was walking their dog or anything on the street or on the sidewalk when she did that.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

There are still some good people out there

Of course I was in a rush to order my book for this semester. I went on, put the book in my cart and then added some other books I've been thinking about getting. I went to my cart and hit 'Quick Checkout'. BIG MISTAKE.

Little did I know that by doing this, it automatically set the mailing address without verifying it before I paid. So I hit the button to process my order and no sooner than 2 seconds later the confirmation screen popped up with the wrong freaking address. My college address.

I frantically emailed the sellers with my new address and two responded saying they changed the address in time. The first book came no problem, but I've been waiting 2 agonizing weeks for my school book and my Sookie Stackhouse books.

Monday I get a message on Facebook that this guy has my books. A student that lives at my old college house took the time to find me on Facebook and let me know that he got my books. This kid is a lifesaver! He's going to send me my books no questions asked and then let me know how much the shipping was so I can send him a Paypal deposit. I'm blown away by the kindness of people sometimes...

Monday, August 31, 2009

Another one bites the dust...

...I just found out another one of my friends is preggers. The babies are coming, the babies are coming!!! Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm a bad, bad blogger

...I've seriously neglected my blog the past couple of weeks. My super busy schedule has kept me from talking about everything that's been going on. I'm afraid it will have to wait another week or so because this week is another doozy.

There's been painting and crocheting and BFP's!!!, oh my! Stay tuned!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm praying

that Mr. B and I miraculously win the lottery this weekend. It's up to $325 million, which probably means we'll only get like $10million after we take the cash and the greedy, greedy government gets its hands in there too.

$10mil is probably my 'stop working and do something frivolous for the rest of my life' amount. I'm thinking if we invest at least half of it wisely we'll be set for life.

Hey, a girl can dream, right?!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Super Busy

Last week was super busy with non-work stuff and this week is super busy with work stuff. In addition to all of that, I'm trying to get some more blankets crocheted. It's times like these I wish I could stop time or at least jump around in it. :::sigh:::

Monday, August 17, 2009

Hi, my name is Mrs. B...

and I have a cleaning problem. Once I start cleaning, I can't stop. I become an endless pit of cleaning and disinfecting, which inevitably makes me realize the mountain of things that need to be finished/started/fixed around the house.

The latest cleaning tirade was brought on by the monthly Bunco game, which I'm hosting this week. Mr. B knows how drill sergent-esque I can be when I get into cleaning mode. He knows there will be yelling and arguing and the inevitable re-cleaning after he's already cleaned a room.

My latest POA (plan of attack) involved fixing a weird patch job on a bathroom wall. I removed the mirror, respackled, sanded and then painted only to see that I didn't sand well. I had to wait for the paint to dry and then painstakingly sand to erase the spackle edges with out sanding down to the patch. It's still not perfect, but it's better than it was. During this little exercise, I noticed about 10 other things on just that wall that I wanted to fix, but restrained myself for fear of Mr. B hiding my power tools.

I saw my college roommate this past weekend and Mr. B mentioned that I was on a cleaning kick. She got this knowing smile on her face and she said, "Lucky you!" She lived with me for 4 years straight and knew me as the cleaning schedule lady in the house. I would freak out if someone didn't stick to the agreed upon schedule and would dispense punishment eagerly :)

I can't say that I'm really the neatest or cleanest person day to day, but I do like things in order. When I clean, it always takes twice as long and gets more involved the deeper I get into it. Thank God Mr. B puts up with my neurotic cleaning!

I'm in love with these shoes!

I saw them this weekend at Marshall's and they were half priced with my size in stock!! They weren't super comfortable, but they are an amazing shade of blue. The one thing, besides the price tag, that kept me from getting them was that the bottoms were worn because it was a display pair. The inside of one of them looked like it had been worn out for a night too.

I was dreaming about them all weekend and how they would go fabulously with the black Calvin dress I got on the cheap at Ross. If only my feet loved wearing heels...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Officially the best wife ever...

Mr. B is very much into mixed martial arts(MMA), which means he loves seeing fights. UFC finally came to Philly this past weekend and I was fortunate enough to get tickets in the 11th hour. How awesome of a wife am I?

I was searching for tickets all day on Saturday in between painting the kitchen and doing laundry. Just call me Super Wife. Before the fight we had a great dinner at Prospector's. Love that place!

Mr. B and I were really pumped to see a UFC together. He had gone to one or two previously, but this was my first :) The preliminary fights were ok. Most went to a decision, but we were hopeful for the fights on the main card.

The main fights were Silva vs. Griffin and Penn vs. Florian. The Silva vs. Griffin fight looked like it was going to be good. Griffin came out to a Drop Kick Murphy's song and the crowd went wild. When Anderson Silva came out the crowd boo'd him like no other and he seemed pretty surprised. The fight started out pretty slow, Giffin was trying to feel Silva out, but then there was a turn in the fight and you could see that Silva was just messing with Griffin. Forrest got knocked down a few times and after about 3 minutes Silva knocked Griffin to the ground with a glancing blow and Griffin called him off. Griffin then proceeded to get up and run out of the ring into the locker room area. LAME! Needless to say, the crowd gave Silva a standing ovation. That man is from another freaking planet---amazing.

The Penn vs. Florian fight was pretty lame. Florian basically laid on Penn the entire fight. Penn was in great shape and didn't even seem tired. By the 4th, Florian was exhausted and gave up his neck for a rearnaked choke. Killing the master indeed, Kenny.

I'm glad we went, but I really wish the fights could have been better. I was exhausted from painting to days in a row and almost started to doze off during some of the fights. A fight did break out in the stands and the crowd got more into that than the fights in the ring. Some celebrities showed up: Victorino, Werth, GSP (oh, yes), Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz and his nasty girl, Jenna Jameson.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Remodeling Updates

Friday I decided to paint the kitchen with a free pint of paint i got from Glidden when they were having their promotion. I painted a 2x2 patch in the kitchen and really had doubts, but Mr. B said that it would look good. I proceeded to paint for the next 3 hours, moving the fridge, stove and climbing all over the countertops to pain above the cabinets.

After I finished I got this sinking feeling in my stomach once I looked at the final product. HIDEOUS! Absolutely dreadful. I should have known that it would turn out the same as what the previous owners painted the living room.

I thought, well maybe it's because I'm not used to it and I need to let it grow on me. 2 hours later I was convinced I would hate it forever and that Mr. B would hate it too. He got back from class and the first thing he asks me is if I like it...bad sign. This means that he hates it but is feeling me out to see if I like it.

We both start laughing because it's so hideous and we know that we could never like it. Plan B--I pick out a color that goes with the rest of the decor in the dining room and living room. The next day I woke up bright and early, went to Home Depot with my color and found a great new invention--pint-sized paint cans that have primer mixed in. YES!!! This is exactly what I need, being that it's a super small space with hideous electric yellow paint wall to wall.

I ride home from Home Depot joyfully with my new paint color, paint a little patch against the yellow and declare war against the evil paint. I spent another 3+ hours yesterday annihilating the yellow and replacing it with a peaceful green. It's close to my bathroom color, but a little darker with some brown hints to match with the living room and dining room neutrals.

I absolutely love it and I wish this would have been the first color I picked. We are not yellow people. Oh well, you live and you learn. I'll post pictures of the better color soon.

A little tip to future painters: If you paint a patch of color and don't love it, please don't paint the whole room! Go with your gut. If you hate it, you hate it; just get a different color.

Friday, August 7, 2009


On Tuesdays I go into work later because I have class and stay until 5pm. So I'm driving into work, approaching my exit and this guy is going extremely slow in the right hand lane. I can see the light has just changed up ahead, so when the exit lane opens I gun it to make the light.

All of a sudden I hear this loud thud on my left hand side and I thought that something got kicked up (they're doing construction) and hit my drivers' side door. I looked and there was nothing wrong with it, so I continued on my merry way to work.

That morning was really busy. I had a meeting for 2 hours and then I went out to lunch with a friend. During this time I did not go back to my desk or my car. So it's now 2pm, I'm finally getting to my desk and I see this email that says "Tan Honda" in the subject line and immediately I know it's my car and that something is wrong with it. Inside the email it says that the back drivers side window is completely shattered. WONDERFUL.

I run outside in the sweltering heat and walk the 2miles to my GD car and there sitting all over the ground is that stupid blue-green glass. I look up and there's barely any glass left in the damn window. I'm guessing that there was a crack from whatever hit it and the insane heat made it expand and explode. I mean really explode because there was glass everywhere in the car.

Naturally, I panic and get upset because I have a big presentation that night for class. I swear that bad things happen when I'm already preoccupied with something else. I call a few people and get some quotes and my deductible is more than the cost of the window. I made an appointment for a guy to come out and fix it and took off work Wednesday. Granted, I could have had the guy to come my office the next day, but who doesn't want a guilt free day off of work??

The GlassMax guy came earlier than expected and it took him about an hour. Now my lovely window is good as new and my coworkers are never going to let me live this down.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Yesterday I ran errands all morning to get ready to fix the trim, put a new door handle on and paint the kitchen and doors. The only thing I got accomplished was the trim, but it's a huge improvement :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Some Before Pics--Living Room/Dining Room

Since I've already posted the after pictures from our renovation projects, I thought I'd post some of the befores. Honestly, it doesn't even look like the same house!

Here's a picture of the front door and part of the dining room. Notice the lovely bamboo placemats they used to separate the dining room and living room paint color. It looked so stupid. Also notice the shelves that are directly above the couch (i.e. head trauma in waiting) and a shelf so low that you can't walk behind the couch to get to the closet. Oh, and the nekkid woman painting on the top shelf. Don't even get me started on the canary yellow paint.

The nasty yellow wall--what were they thinking??

Why put a couch in front of a huge bay window like that??

Hmm...let's just stop at the entry wall and not paint the rest of the room. That won't look stupid.

Next up, the bathroom of death.

It's Dead!!! Dyson, that is. The power button won't stay depressed. I currently have it jury-rigged with duct tape and that seems to be working, but isn't a dyson supposed to last forever??

$200+ for a vacuum that broke in a year and a half and the crappy one that we bought at Target for $20 lasted 5 and still worked when we tossed it into the dumpster. Hopefully Dyson will do something about it. Now I have to fish out the warranty info (I think I sent it in---crap!) and figure out what to do next.

I honestly love my Dyson because it picks up so much crap! It feels like a new carpet after you've vacuumed with it. I joke that it picks up dirt from my downstairs neighbors because I have no clue where it's getting all of the crap it picks up.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend at the Shore

Mr. B and I so needed this past weekend at the shore. Unfortunately, his work outing on Thursday got rained out and, as predicted, our presence at the Phils game Wednesday brought on a loss. Friday and Saturday we had some glorious sun :) Friday we visited The Shamrock for happy hour and got to witness a grandmom, or possibly great grandmom, pole-dancing, a woman-man thing dancing with her boy toy and a mullet-sporting, Miami Vice cast off with white linen pants and no undies. Woo-hoo white trash bars are the best!

Afterwards, Mr. B and I took a little ride over to the No.1 Tavern and imbibed in a Tully Nut and some Summer Ales. The local drunkard struck up a conversation with us and bought us a few beers. Needless to say, my mom had to drive us home...but we made a quick detour to McDonalds (gross) and got lots of food that we didn't pay for (cha-ching!). My mom sped away faster than those guys on Cops.

Saturday night we busted out my mom's Wii that she got for her birthday. I'm absolutely horrible at Wii. Yesterday we had a birthday breakfast for my mom and then headed to the beach. We narrowly missed the thunderstorm and torrential rain :)

All in all, it was a pretty good weekend. Could have used another day or two, but, really, who can't?!

Monday, July 20, 2009

July/August's To Do List

I finished most of July's List:
1. Go out for Spanish food in the city
2. Get my ring cleaned at the jeweller's
3. Get some sun--I'm super pale!!!
4. Have one day where nothing gets done--just pure laziness
5. Fix trim--so driving me crazy right now
6. Finish the blanket I'm working on
7. Learn how to make infant baby booties
8. Get to a Phils game

I'm going to carry over some of the things from last month. The trim definitely needs to get done because I'm finally hosting Bunco. Can't have my house looking amess.
  1. Fix trim!
  2. Master infant booties
  3. Get rings cleaned/inspected
  4. Finish half of new blanket
  5. Spend more time on the beach
  6. Plant flowers in flower boxes
  7. Make another hat

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Mom's Party

My grandparents and I did the planning for my mom's 50th birthday party. We got her there by inviting her to my SFIL's retirement party. She was reluctant and confused at first, but several other lies cleared up her doubts.

We had the party at Barone's Tuscan Grill in Moorestown, NJ and the manager, Michael, was extremely helpful all through the planning process. He let us pick the start time and said the end time could be up in the air. We were able to bring in our own alcohol and cake without charge and they did a really great job setting everything up. The food was amazing and the service was flawless. I can't say enough great things about Barone's.

We got the cake at DiBartolo's in Collingswood, NJ. I basically gave them the invitation asked them to match it. Everyone raved about the look and the taste of the cake. They totally blew me away with how closely they were able to match the flourishes and colors.

I'm sure I'll add more to the post as I think of it, but here are a few pictures of the party:

Cute Baby Hat

I started this about an hour ago and had no clue what I was doing. It ended up being really cute and I'll be giving it to little Miss Lauren Rose to match the blanket I gave her.

New Baby Blanket

I absolutely love the way this blanket turned out. The yarn is really pretty and I love the pattern, especially the edging :)

Baby Lauren Rose

Mr. B's friend and GF welcomed little Lauren Rose into the world at 8:59pm on July 17th. She weighed 7lbs, 3 oz and was 20.75" long. I already love her even though I've only seen a picture of her because she loves my blanket :) Smart little girl!

Pictures to come!

Surprise 50th Birthday Party

My mom's party was last night and, amazingly, everything went off without a hitch. She showed up on time and was completely surprised. The food and service at Barone's in Moorestown, NJ was above and beyond everything we expected. The cake was spectacular and looked just like the invitation. Everyone raved about the party, the cookies, the invites and kept saying how I should do this for a living. Ha ha ha...I would love to, but would it really pay the bills??

Pictures to come!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Party Invitation

I didn't have the funds to order fabulous invitations for my mom's surprise 50th birthday party, so I decided to make them. I bought stock wedding invitations at Target (the white cardstock with the black flourish) and also bought some metallic fuchsia cardstock at

I trimmed the Target invitation 1/2" on each side so the invitation would still fit in the stock envelope and used double sided tape to attach the carstock and stock invite. I printed the invite on my own printer and I think they came out pretty well and it was pretty easy overall.

Baby News!!!

Mr. B's best friend's girlfriend is on her way to the hospital to have their little girl! Lots of prayers and well wishes their way for an easy delivery and a healthy and happy baby girl :)

Thank God for tapas and sangria

Mr. B and I went out to dinner at Bar Ferdinand last night and it was amazing! They put some new items on the menu and we got a pitcher of sangria 1/2 price for happy hour.

One of the new things on the menu that we absolutely loved was Octopus Medallions. They were grilled and they had a spicy BBQ sauce on them. The dish came with a really good spring mix salad with some fried potatoes and crispy chorizo...yum!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


There's really nothing like spending some time with good friends to make you feel good. I'm really lucky to have found a group of friends that can make me laugh so hard I have tears coming out of my eyes (thanks Nat!). They're the type of girls you can talk to about anything --from what happens to your body when you have a baby (WOW. and Oh, God., that's all I have to say)to TV shows that you love.

Being with such a great group of girls reminds me that people really like me for the way I am--negative, sarcastic, sometimes inappropriate and lewd, but I think that's what makes me, me. I spent just about all of high school trying to blend in and not attract attention, and while I don't really like to be the center of attention all the time, every once in awhile I think it's good to be. I've realized in the past year or so that I have a great witty, dry humor and that I'm a very creative, compassionate person. People want to spend time with me, just because I'm me :D

Mr. B has been in San Antonio all week and I missed him like crazy, but last night, after being with those girls for a few hours, I wasn't so lonely. I'm really thankful to have found such great friends later on in life, which gets harder as you get older. Love you girls!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My instant sex-change courtesty of Shoshanna

So I wrote before about being disappointed by how my Shoshanna dress from Rue La La looked. Here is evidence that it definitely did not flatter me. Cute pattern and a good fit everywhere but the crotch region...

(Double click to see up close)

So that is why I had to send back the dress. I think just about anyone would agree that a dress making you look like a tranny is not a good thing...unless you're going for that, and in this case I wasn't.

Look how amazing the cookies turned out!

My mom's surprise 50th party is coming up and we wanted to do a cute little favor for the guests. After seeing how cute Brown Eyed Baker's sugar cookies turned out, I thought I'd give them a try. Friday I made the dough and she wasn't kidding when she said that it was a sticky dough. I had to put the dough and the trays in the freezer every 5 minutes to keep it from sticking to the wax paper permanently.

I made a double batch and split it into 4 balls of dough and it only made 37 cookies...WTF? I had to make a third batch and that gave me another 17 cookies. All day Saturday, sis and I outlined and then flooded the cookies. We literally worked from 9am to 5pm. I was going stir crazy!! Thank God Mr. B helped out too or we would have never finished...

I think they turned out amazing though, and I don't think I'd ever do it again unless I was getting paid for it. LOL

Here are some pictures of us slaving over the cookies and some of the results...please ignore my bedhead.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Just call me Smokey The Bear

So Saturday, we're walking home from the beach and we all smelled something burning. I look across the street and there are flames, FLAMES, shooting out from a pile of mulch. Being the diligent Girl Scout I was trained to be, I ran over and tried to kick some dirt/mulch on the smoldering/burning pile. It went out for about a second and then re-lit because the mulch was so dry. Now a crowd has gathered and people from the hotel pool across the street are all standing there staring. A nice bystander with sneakers, I had on flipflops, stomped out the flames, but the mulch continued to smolder. My mom, also a Girl Scout, got an empty thermos bottle from our beach stuff and had the pool people fill it up. We doused the flames and were assisted by some retired firemen.

I felt like my good deed for the day had been done :) I was pissed though because it was started by a cigarette butt. WTF is wrong with people? Hmmm...flame, hot, dry day and some wood...lets mix it all together and see what happens, shall we??

Today, Mr. B and I are leaving the gym. I get in the car and smell something burning--again. I look over and don't you know that there are flames, FLAMES!, and smoke coming from a pile of mulch. I found the culprit, one of those stupid skinny-mini cigars, still smoking next to the pile. Thank God I had some water left over from my work out. After I poured on the water, I stomped out the smoke to make sure it didn't start up again. Now I have mud and mulch stuck in the bottom of my shoe, but at least the parking lot didn't catch on fire.

Ok, so that's 2 cigarette butt-started fires within 3 days. Kinda scary if you ask me. Really, WTF are people thinking??

I just realized...

that the last couple letters in my last name spell out the acronym (SAHW) if you type them wrong. I think somebody is trying to tell me something ;-)

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Welt Under My Eye

Is from a damn Japanese beetle (the potato beetle things) that decided to fly into my. Directly into my eye. At the time, I had a gallon of water in one hand and a bag of groceries in the other. My gut reaction was to get said beetle out of my eye ASAP so I literally punched myself in the face to get the little effer out.

Now I have a wonderful welt under my left eye that may turn into a glorious black eye. I cannot wait. Let me tell you how great that will look for my presentation tomorrow and Wednesday. Oh boy, oh boy!!

I really wonder if the world is against me sometimes. I mean, who has a huge ass beetle fly INTO their eye?! I could feel his legs scraping against my contact lens. I think that was the only thing keeping me from a scratched cornea.

I'm off to ice it and pray that there's no bruising.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

When Can We Get a Real House?

This is the question that Mr. B asked me at 9:30 last night while we were laying in bed. No wonder I didn't sleep a wink last night. Thanks, babe...

I would love, love, love to have a real house right now. I'm tired of hearing my neighbors and wondering if I'll have a parking space close to the house when I get home late. I'm tired of lugging groceries up a flight of stairs and then having to walk back down to get the mail. I'm tired.

I know that getting a house will be more work, but I think, to us, it'll be alot more rewarding. It will be the first place we've decided on together and it will be "ours".

I suggested that we sell our place first before we even start looking. Which made me start to think about all of the little projects that are still lurking around every corner. Hence the reason I didn't sleep well.

This is the list I came up with:
To Do:
1. Finishing trim
2. Touch up paint
3. Massive cleaning
4. Clean windows
5. Declutter
6. Steam clean carpets
7. Fix bathroom mirror/wall
8. Paint laundry room

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Finished 2nd Baby Blanket

I just finished my second baby blanket and I love it! I still have to weave in the ends, but that shouldn't take long. I'll post pics when I'm done.

Mr. B had a good idea last night. He said that I should have a mix and match baby blanket website where you pick your pattern, color combo, length and edging. I think that's a great idea, but the only thing is time--it took me 2 weeks to get this one done and different patterns take different amounts of time. We'll see. I'm going to keep making blankets to stockpile.

My grandmom showed me a new patter that's really easy and comes out super cute. I'll experiment with that one after I make my granny square blanket.

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Wedding Video

We have yet to receive our wedding video, but this weekend we got a letter from our videographer responding to my lawyer's letter. He said that he will have it to us by June 30th, which is in a week.
He claims that he was sick in the Spring and Fall of last year and then his editting equipment broke/needed updating. Hmm...if you can update that other website you run, why couldn't you shoot me a quick email and let me know that you're sick and your equipment is effed? Why couldn't you respond to the NUMEROUS emails I sent you? Or respond to a phone call??
I am so fed up with this that I don't even want to see the video. Really. It's going to be horrible and it's probably going to make me a bad way, not an "I'm so happy" way.

Lesson to any brides out there: get all deadlines and due dates in writing...whether you know the person or not.

Rain, Rain Go Away

Seriously. Can it rain any more? When did Philly/South Jersey become Seattle, OR?? I'm sick of getting my pants wet on the way into the building and I'm sick of my hair freaking and frizzing out.

Please give me my summer back! I need sun!

Tag, You're it!

Natalie from Proud to be a New Jersey Wife tagged me for the Honest Scrap Award. The rules for this award are to tell your readers 10 things about you that are true, that they might not know. Then you have to tag 10 other bloggers to do the same. So here goes nothing....

  1. I've traveled more in the last year than I have in the past 10 years.
  2. I would move to Sevilla, Spain in a heartbeat.
  3. Mr. B's birthday is exactly 3 weeks after mine, but he's a different sign.
  4. I'm a huge sap for animals.
  5. I love to bake and do crafty things.
  6. My middle name is Anne; after my mom's great Aunt.
  7. I don't eat red meat.
  8. I'm very impatient and stubborn.
  9. I talk to myself quite often.
  10. I live at Target.

As for the 10 bloggers, I'll have to work on that...

  1. Spearmint Baby
  2. The Good Life
  3. The Fourth Door
  4. Westwind Days
  5. From Sparkly to Single

Monday, June 15, 2009

Things that must get done in the next month

1. Go out for Spanish food in the city
2. Get my ring cleaned at the jeweller's
3. Get some sun--I'm super pale!!!
4. Have one day where nothing gets done--just pure laziness
5. Fix trim--so driving me crazy right now
6. Finish the blanket I'm working on
7. Learn how to make infant baby booties
8. Get to a Phils game

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I split my pants

Yet again my fat @ss ripped another pair of my favorite cargo capris :( I think the universe is trying to tell me something.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lauren Rose Blanket

Here's a new blanket that I just made for our friends that are having a little girl in July. The shower is this weekend and I can't wait for them to see it :) I'll post a picture with Lauren Rose after she's born. I'm also working on some matching booties and a hat.


We made it! Back and fourth in a little over 24 hours, which makes Mrs. B a very cranky girl. We arrived at the Cincinatti airport, which is actually in Kentucky, at about 11:30am yesterday. Mr. B's dad's friend (Mike), who organized the party, picked us up and we went to a brunch place called First Watch. I was a little leery because it looked like Denny's, but the food was excellent. I got an extremely fresh glass of grapefruit juice and I ordered a Key West Crepe. The crepe came with bacon (yum!), smoked turkey, avocados, and some kind of cheese. It was really good!

After that we went on the never ending cake search. Mike hadn't gotten a cake yet and we ended up going to 5!!! different places. He took us on a tour of downtown Newport, KY, which was really nice and reminded me of Olde City. We checked out a super famous ice cream shop, Graeters, and the nice girl at the counter gave us some free samples. I loved their Black Raspberry Chip. It was to die for! It made me want to franchise a Graeters in SJ--any backers?? LOL

We didn't find a cake, but we decided to go to a huge Krogers on the way to the party. Mike took us back to his house and we met his doggie, Thunder. Thunder is super old, but really cute. He was also very well endowed for a little Yorkie--it was very strange. We got changed and headed over to the Krogers. I've never been in a Krogers, but it seemed nice. They were having a wine tasting--I love grocery stores that sell liquor! :)

We got to the party and were introduced to everyone. Mr. B's dad came about an hour later and had absolutely no clue about the party, let alone us flying in. He walked in and you could tell just by the look on his face that we duped him! We were hiding around the corner behind the fridge, so he didn't see us until he walked in and talked to a few people. I thought he was going to have a heart attack! The party was nice and I've deducted that people from Ohio are really nice!

This morning we went to The Original Pancake House. I had chocolate chip pancakes and they were good, but a little too sweet :( Overall, the trip was pretty good. I'm glad we went. It was nice to see Mr. B's dad and meet my step mother-in-law and their 6 crazy dogs. I have to say that I am pooped and desperately want to take a day off tomorrow!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Stomach virus, you suck!

Believe me, you don't want what I have :(

PSA: Free Donuts!

Today is National Donut Day and Dunkin Donuts is giving out a free donut with purchase of a coffee.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Exploding Chicken Pot Pie

I just got burned by my chicken pot pie. I put it in the microwave for 1 minute and it started to pop, so I opened the door to get it to stop and chicken pot pie FLEW out at me and landed on my arm. I now have a red mark. WTF?! I cried. It hurt and it scared me. Why does insane ish like this always happen to me?!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Intern of the Year

Today was my first day back to work after my vacation (boo!) and my intern's first day (meh.). I knew it was going to be a rough day, but I really had no clue. My intern had several infarctions throughout the day. Let's just say that if he was given 3 strikes, he would have been out by 10am...and he started at 8am.

  1. Wearing shorts--it's your first day working in a government office. Who wears shorts and sneakers?? What is wrong with you?
  2. Asking if we're going to hire you to work hourly after your 10 weeks are up--We barely know you and who the eff do you think you are???
  3. Assuming that you can use our fridge--Again, who do you think you are?
  4. Calling us racist because we say we don't want to get lost in Camden--Fact: Camden is one of the, statistically, most dangerous cities in the nation. My great-grandmother got beat up, robbed and pushed down a flight of stairs in Camden. You.know.nothing.
  5. Saying,"You already know what you want so why don't you just tell me so I don't have to pull it out of you."--Once again, who do you think you are??? You are in college. You obviously have no real world experience. You know nothing. You should be happy to have a summer job--at all. Shape up or shut up :P
This was the extent of my day. No wonder I have a massive headache.


Vegas was a blast!!! We had so much fun! I ended up winning quite a bit at the roulette tables. :) I knew it was going to be a good trip when I won $62 at my first slot machine. We can't wait to go back.

We stayed at the Mandalay Bay and the pool was really nice, but filled up quickly. We had to get to the pool by 8am to get a seat--kind of a pain, but we were up anyway. We usually left the pool in the early afternoon, got lunch and then went sight-seeing/gambling/trouble-making until it was time to get ready for dinner.

The second day we were there, we got massages at the Spa. I absolutely loved my massage!!! Although, the guy kind of weirded me out by asking if I played sports because I had really tight legs. I saw Mr. B after his massage and I knew something happened just by the look on his face.

He didn't come clean until we were back in the hotel room. His lady told him to get undressed and get on the bed....and he did just that. He completely ignored the fact that there was a sheet on the bed. Wonderful. Ok, so now the woman comes back into the room and she must have thought, " Oh, God...not another perv." So he's on his stomach with his ass all out in plain view and she starts to lift up the sheets for him so he can 'shimmy' under them. Now, if that were me, and I was the one giving the massage, I would have said something like, "Oh, I must not have been clear....I'll step out so you can get under the sheet." So he says that he had to kind of caterpiller up (ass in the air) to get under the sheet, which means he was definitely all out. How freakin awkward???!!! I don't know how he was able to relax after that...ha ha ha!!

We saw "O" at the Bellagio and it was amazing!!! I don't know how those people do those things with their bodies; it's just crazy. I'm kind of jealous :P We had dinner at Olives and it was just ok...not great, just good.

I don't know what is wrong with people when they walk. They seem to take the path of most resistance. I mean, honestly, you cannot miss me!! Even if you're short you have to see my humongous feet all the way down there. I had so many people walk right into me and I'm standing there like, "Hello?! WTF is wrong with you people?! Did I magically transport back to Europe where that's the norm?!" Mr. B and I were joking that if I ever had the gall to be a stand-up comedian that The Path of Most Resistance would be the name of my schtick and it would be all about how annoying people are and how it seems like it's some people's jobs just to annoy others. I think it's promising, but I'd never go through with it. Maybe if I write a book I'll use that--no stealing my phrase! (unless I'm properly given credit, of course)

The plane ride home was HORRIBLE. We flew US Air and the have to be the most terrible airline ever. Not only do they charge you $15 for your first checked bag, but they only gave us one drink during our 4.5 hour flight AND there was no movie. CHEAP!!! The guy next to me was quiet and polite the entire 4 hours until the pilot said we were ready to land. We didn't land for another 30 minutes and the guy next to me was freaking the eff out. I thought I was going to have to stop him from taking the plane down. He was a raving lunatic--talking about how the Philly airport sucks, how the pilot doesn't know what he's doing, blah blah blah. When we finally landed he immediately took out his cell and started calling everyone he knew to talk about how horrible the Philly airport is and how he went to Vegas for a 15 minute interview. Whoop-dee-doo Mr. I'msoeffingimportant; who gives a flying eff?

Other than those few mishaps, the trip was great and very relaxing. Unfortunately, today was my first day back to work and it was drama-filled. Yay for welcoming Mrs. B back with open arms and rainbows :(....

Quick Updates

This weekend we're heading to Ohio to see Mr. B's dad. His friends are throwing him a surprise 60th birthday party and we're the big surprise :D It'll be a quick trip though; almost less than 24 hours. Kind of stinks, but we both have to get back to work Monday.

The rest of the summer is pretty much planned out, which stinks because it makes it seem so short. Next weekend we have a baby shower/55th birthday party. I'm excited to go because I can't wait to give the mommy to be the blanket I made for her little girl. I'm secretly hoping she cries and makes a big deal about it :P The birthday party is the father to be's dad. It's going to be an ish-fest and I might have to call out sick that Monday---yes, it will be THAT bad. LOL

The weekend after that we're doing a yard sale with my parents and then the next weekend we have my cousins HS graduation party to attend. After that, it's already 4th of July and then we have a free weekend followed by the chaos surrounding a party we're throwing. The next weekend it's my mom's birthday and then who knows...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

1 Year & My 100th Post!

Yesterday was our 1 year wedding anniversary. I can't believe how quickly this year went by! It does not feel like a year at all and if the rest of my life goes by this fast, I'll be 75 in the blink of an eye.

We had a really relaxing weekend down the shore. The weather has been great so far and we definitely got some much needed sun. It was nice to just sit around and do pretty much nothing for a few days. We're heading back home today to get ready for our trip. We can't wait!! So far we haven't packed a thing and we still have to run out for some last minute things to take with us...definitely suntan lotion.

There are these really annoying kids next door that are having a yard sale for the second day in a row. For an hour now they've been yelling, "YARD SALE!!!" at the top of their lungs. Really kids, a sign would suffice, but you are too stupid and your parents are too hung over to care. I wish we could put up a 10 ft high fence with barbed wire on it to keep them away from us, but somehow, I think they'd still manage to annoy us. Oh well....note to self: teach Brinkley to attack small, annoying children :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Home Stretch

I'm soo happy that today is Thursday!!!! In less than 3 hours I will be done with my presentation and on my way to a weekend of relaxation and 1 year old wedding cake. Send me some good vibes if you read this before 8:30am today. I'm nervous as hell!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Legal Action

So we're finally in the process of taking legal action against our wedding videographer. This Saturday it will be one year since our wedding and that's one full year without our damn video.

We've sent numerous emails and mad many phone calls to our videographer and only received one email back in 12 months. It's completely unprofessional and it has to be illegal to just run away with people's hard earned money. Especially when it has to do with their wedding day.

To make matters even worse, our videographer posted a recap of a wedding he filmed 1 month after ours on his website. WTF is that?! I honestly just want the raw footage--if that even exists. Lesson to the wise: Don't use a 'friend of the family' for anything, and if you do, get everything in writing.

Monday, May 18, 2009


I feel like I'm losing my mind...I'm so stressed out about this week. Why is it that nothing can ever just happen by itself?! Why do stressful things have to come in two's or three's??? On top of everything that's going on I'm in a perpetual state of dizziness and fog. I don't understand it and I don't have time for it!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm obssessed with guacamole

I just made my second batch of the week and I ate it all by myself. It was delicious!! I'm pretty proud of myself because I've never made it before and although it wasn't rocket science (which I might be good at) it took some skill. I might have cut myself (twice) but it was so worth it!

I took the avocados and cut them in half long ways around the pit. Then you twist the halves and pull them apart. Put your knife into the pit and carefully twist the knife to loosen the pit and pull it out. Make a grid inside each half with the knife and scoop out all of the flesh with a spoon. Add lime juice, salt, pepper, garlic powder and cayenne pepper. Mix everything together while mashing the avocado with a fork until smooth.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rue La La... shopping crack! I see something I like every time they have a sale, which is every day. I've been good so far and only bought 2 small things, but today I caved and bought this amazingly cute Shoshanna dress. I almost got caught by my boss drooling over Prada bags...a good time to ask for a raise, right?!

Use this link if you'd like an invite: