Thursday, September 10, 2009

There are still some good people out there

Of course I was in a rush to order my book for this semester. I went on, put the book in my cart and then added some other books I've been thinking about getting. I went to my cart and hit 'Quick Checkout'. BIG MISTAKE.

Little did I know that by doing this, it automatically set the mailing address without verifying it before I paid. So I hit the button to process my order and no sooner than 2 seconds later the confirmation screen popped up with the wrong freaking address. My college address.

I frantically emailed the sellers with my new address and two responded saying they changed the address in time. The first book came no problem, but I've been waiting 2 agonizing weeks for my school book and my Sookie Stackhouse books.

Monday I get a message on Facebook that this guy has my books. A student that lives at my old college house took the time to find me on Facebook and let me know that he got my books. This kid is a lifesaver! He's going to send me my books no questions asked and then let me know how much the shipping was so I can send him a Paypal deposit. I'm blown away by the kindness of people sometimes...

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