Monday, August 31, 2009

Another one bites the dust...

...I just found out another one of my friends is preggers. The babies are coming, the babies are coming!!! Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm a bad, bad blogger

...I've seriously neglected my blog the past couple of weeks. My super busy schedule has kept me from talking about everything that's been going on. I'm afraid it will have to wait another week or so because this week is another doozy.

There's been painting and crocheting and BFP's!!!, oh my! Stay tuned!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm praying

that Mr. B and I miraculously win the lottery this weekend. It's up to $325 million, which probably means we'll only get like $10million after we take the cash and the greedy, greedy government gets its hands in there too.

$10mil is probably my 'stop working and do something frivolous for the rest of my life' amount. I'm thinking if we invest at least half of it wisely we'll be set for life.

Hey, a girl can dream, right?!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Super Busy

Last week was super busy with non-work stuff and this week is super busy with work stuff. In addition to all of that, I'm trying to get some more blankets crocheted. It's times like these I wish I could stop time or at least jump around in it. :::sigh:::

Monday, August 17, 2009

Hi, my name is Mrs. B...

and I have a cleaning problem. Once I start cleaning, I can't stop. I become an endless pit of cleaning and disinfecting, which inevitably makes me realize the mountain of things that need to be finished/started/fixed around the house.

The latest cleaning tirade was brought on by the monthly Bunco game, which I'm hosting this week. Mr. B knows how drill sergent-esque I can be when I get into cleaning mode. He knows there will be yelling and arguing and the inevitable re-cleaning after he's already cleaned a room.

My latest POA (plan of attack) involved fixing a weird patch job on a bathroom wall. I removed the mirror, respackled, sanded and then painted only to see that I didn't sand well. I had to wait for the paint to dry and then painstakingly sand to erase the spackle edges with out sanding down to the patch. It's still not perfect, but it's better than it was. During this little exercise, I noticed about 10 other things on just that wall that I wanted to fix, but restrained myself for fear of Mr. B hiding my power tools.

I saw my college roommate this past weekend and Mr. B mentioned that I was on a cleaning kick. She got this knowing smile on her face and she said, "Lucky you!" She lived with me for 4 years straight and knew me as the cleaning schedule lady in the house. I would freak out if someone didn't stick to the agreed upon schedule and would dispense punishment eagerly :)

I can't say that I'm really the neatest or cleanest person day to day, but I do like things in order. When I clean, it always takes twice as long and gets more involved the deeper I get into it. Thank God Mr. B puts up with my neurotic cleaning!

I'm in love with these shoes!

I saw them this weekend at Marshall's and they were half priced with my size in stock!! They weren't super comfortable, but they are an amazing shade of blue. The one thing, besides the price tag, that kept me from getting them was that the bottoms were worn because it was a display pair. The inside of one of them looked like it had been worn out for a night too.

I was dreaming about them all weekend and how they would go fabulously with the black Calvin dress I got on the cheap at Ross. If only my feet loved wearing heels...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Officially the best wife ever...

Mr. B is very much into mixed martial arts(MMA), which means he loves seeing fights. UFC finally came to Philly this past weekend and I was fortunate enough to get tickets in the 11th hour. How awesome of a wife am I?

I was searching for tickets all day on Saturday in between painting the kitchen and doing laundry. Just call me Super Wife. Before the fight we had a great dinner at Prospector's. Love that place!

Mr. B and I were really pumped to see a UFC together. He had gone to one or two previously, but this was my first :) The preliminary fights were ok. Most went to a decision, but we were hopeful for the fights on the main card.

The main fights were Silva vs. Griffin and Penn vs. Florian. The Silva vs. Griffin fight looked like it was going to be good. Griffin came out to a Drop Kick Murphy's song and the crowd went wild. When Anderson Silva came out the crowd boo'd him like no other and he seemed pretty surprised. The fight started out pretty slow, Giffin was trying to feel Silva out, but then there was a turn in the fight and you could see that Silva was just messing with Griffin. Forrest got knocked down a few times and after about 3 minutes Silva knocked Griffin to the ground with a glancing blow and Griffin called him off. Griffin then proceeded to get up and run out of the ring into the locker room area. LAME! Needless to say, the crowd gave Silva a standing ovation. That man is from another freaking planet---amazing.

The Penn vs. Florian fight was pretty lame. Florian basically laid on Penn the entire fight. Penn was in great shape and didn't even seem tired. By the 4th, Florian was exhausted and gave up his neck for a rearnaked choke. Killing the master indeed, Kenny.

I'm glad we went, but I really wish the fights could have been better. I was exhausted from painting to days in a row and almost started to doze off during some of the fights. A fight did break out in the stands and the crowd got more into that than the fights in the ring. Some celebrities showed up: Victorino, Werth, GSP (oh, yes), Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz and his nasty girl, Jenna Jameson.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Remodeling Updates

Friday I decided to paint the kitchen with a free pint of paint i got from Glidden when they were having their promotion. I painted a 2x2 patch in the kitchen and really had doubts, but Mr. B said that it would look good. I proceeded to paint for the next 3 hours, moving the fridge, stove and climbing all over the countertops to pain above the cabinets.

After I finished I got this sinking feeling in my stomach once I looked at the final product. HIDEOUS! Absolutely dreadful. I should have known that it would turn out the same as what the previous owners painted the living room.

I thought, well maybe it's because I'm not used to it and I need to let it grow on me. 2 hours later I was convinced I would hate it forever and that Mr. B would hate it too. He got back from class and the first thing he asks me is if I like it...bad sign. This means that he hates it but is feeling me out to see if I like it.

We both start laughing because it's so hideous and we know that we could never like it. Plan B--I pick out a color that goes with the rest of the decor in the dining room and living room. The next day I woke up bright and early, went to Home Depot with my color and found a great new invention--pint-sized paint cans that have primer mixed in. YES!!! This is exactly what I need, being that it's a super small space with hideous electric yellow paint wall to wall.

I ride home from Home Depot joyfully with my new paint color, paint a little patch against the yellow and declare war against the evil paint. I spent another 3+ hours yesterday annihilating the yellow and replacing it with a peaceful green. It's close to my bathroom color, but a little darker with some brown hints to match with the living room and dining room neutrals.

I absolutely love it and I wish this would have been the first color I picked. We are not yellow people. Oh well, you live and you learn. I'll post pictures of the better color soon.

A little tip to future painters: If you paint a patch of color and don't love it, please don't paint the whole room! Go with your gut. If you hate it, you hate it; just get a different color.

Friday, August 7, 2009


On Tuesdays I go into work later because I have class and stay until 5pm. So I'm driving into work, approaching my exit and this guy is going extremely slow in the right hand lane. I can see the light has just changed up ahead, so when the exit lane opens I gun it to make the light.

All of a sudden I hear this loud thud on my left hand side and I thought that something got kicked up (they're doing construction) and hit my drivers' side door. I looked and there was nothing wrong with it, so I continued on my merry way to work.

That morning was really busy. I had a meeting for 2 hours and then I went out to lunch with a friend. During this time I did not go back to my desk or my car. So it's now 2pm, I'm finally getting to my desk and I see this email that says "Tan Honda" in the subject line and immediately I know it's my car and that something is wrong with it. Inside the email it says that the back drivers side window is completely shattered. WONDERFUL.

I run outside in the sweltering heat and walk the 2miles to my GD car and there sitting all over the ground is that stupid blue-green glass. I look up and there's barely any glass left in the damn window. I'm guessing that there was a crack from whatever hit it and the insane heat made it expand and explode. I mean really explode because there was glass everywhere in the car.

Naturally, I panic and get upset because I have a big presentation that night for class. I swear that bad things happen when I'm already preoccupied with something else. I call a few people and get some quotes and my deductible is more than the cost of the window. I made an appointment for a guy to come out and fix it and took off work Wednesday. Granted, I could have had the guy to come my office the next day, but who doesn't want a guilt free day off of work??

The GlassMax guy came earlier than expected and it took him about an hour. Now my lovely window is good as new and my coworkers are never going to let me live this down.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Yesterday I ran errands all morning to get ready to fix the trim, put a new door handle on and paint the kitchen and doors. The only thing I got accomplished was the trim, but it's a huge improvement :)