Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Officially the best wife ever...

Mr. B is very much into mixed martial arts(MMA), which means he loves seeing fights. UFC finally came to Philly this past weekend and I was fortunate enough to get tickets in the 11th hour. How awesome of a wife am I?

I was searching for tickets all day on Saturday in between painting the kitchen and doing laundry. Just call me Super Wife. Before the fight we had a great dinner at Prospector's. Love that place!

Mr. B and I were really pumped to see a UFC together. He had gone to one or two previously, but this was my first :) The preliminary fights were ok. Most went to a decision, but we were hopeful for the fights on the main card.

The main fights were Silva vs. Griffin and Penn vs. Florian. The Silva vs. Griffin fight looked like it was going to be good. Griffin came out to a Drop Kick Murphy's song and the crowd went wild. When Anderson Silva came out the crowd boo'd him like no other and he seemed pretty surprised. The fight started out pretty slow, Giffin was trying to feel Silva out, but then there was a turn in the fight and you could see that Silva was just messing with Griffin. Forrest got knocked down a few times and after about 3 minutes Silva knocked Griffin to the ground with a glancing blow and Griffin called him off. Griffin then proceeded to get up and run out of the ring into the locker room area. LAME! Needless to say, the crowd gave Silva a standing ovation. That man is from another freaking planet---amazing.

The Penn vs. Florian fight was pretty lame. Florian basically laid on Penn the entire fight. Penn was in great shape and didn't even seem tired. By the 4th, Florian was exhausted and gave up his neck for a rearnaked choke. Killing the master indeed, Kenny.

I'm glad we went, but I really wish the fights could have been better. I was exhausted from painting to days in a row and almost started to doze off during some of the fights. A fight did break out in the stands and the crowd got more into that than the fights in the ring. Some celebrities showed up: Victorino, Werth, GSP (oh, yes), Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz and his nasty girl, Jenna Jameson.

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