Monday, August 17, 2009

Hi, my name is Mrs. B...

and I have a cleaning problem. Once I start cleaning, I can't stop. I become an endless pit of cleaning and disinfecting, which inevitably makes me realize the mountain of things that need to be finished/started/fixed around the house.

The latest cleaning tirade was brought on by the monthly Bunco game, which I'm hosting this week. Mr. B knows how drill sergent-esque I can be when I get into cleaning mode. He knows there will be yelling and arguing and the inevitable re-cleaning after he's already cleaned a room.

My latest POA (plan of attack) involved fixing a weird patch job on a bathroom wall. I removed the mirror, respackled, sanded and then painted only to see that I didn't sand well. I had to wait for the paint to dry and then painstakingly sand to erase the spackle edges with out sanding down to the patch. It's still not perfect, but it's better than it was. During this little exercise, I noticed about 10 other things on just that wall that I wanted to fix, but restrained myself for fear of Mr. B hiding my power tools.

I saw my college roommate this past weekend and Mr. B mentioned that I was on a cleaning kick. She got this knowing smile on her face and she said, "Lucky you!" She lived with me for 4 years straight and knew me as the cleaning schedule lady in the house. I would freak out if someone didn't stick to the agreed upon schedule and would dispense punishment eagerly :)

I can't say that I'm really the neatest or cleanest person day to day, but I do like things in order. When I clean, it always takes twice as long and gets more involved the deeper I get into it. Thank God Mr. B puts up with my neurotic cleaning!

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