Monday, July 6, 2009

Just call me Smokey The Bear

So Saturday, we're walking home from the beach and we all smelled something burning. I look across the street and there are flames, FLAMES, shooting out from a pile of mulch. Being the diligent Girl Scout I was trained to be, I ran over and tried to kick some dirt/mulch on the smoldering/burning pile. It went out for about a second and then re-lit because the mulch was so dry. Now a crowd has gathered and people from the hotel pool across the street are all standing there staring. A nice bystander with sneakers, I had on flipflops, stomped out the flames, but the mulch continued to smolder. My mom, also a Girl Scout, got an empty thermos bottle from our beach stuff and had the pool people fill it up. We doused the flames and were assisted by some retired firemen.

I felt like my good deed for the day had been done :) I was pissed though because it was started by a cigarette butt. WTF is wrong with people? Hmmm...flame, hot, dry day and some wood...lets mix it all together and see what happens, shall we??

Today, Mr. B and I are leaving the gym. I get in the car and smell something burning--again. I look over and don't you know that there are flames, FLAMES!, and smoke coming from a pile of mulch. I found the culprit, one of those stupid skinny-mini cigars, still smoking next to the pile. Thank God I had some water left over from my work out. After I poured on the water, I stomped out the smoke to make sure it didn't start up again. Now I have mud and mulch stuck in the bottom of my shoe, but at least the parking lot didn't catch on fire.

Ok, so that's 2 cigarette butt-started fires within 3 days. Kinda scary if you ask me. Really, WTF are people thinking??

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