Monday, July 20, 2009

July/August's To Do List

I finished most of July's List:
1. Go out for Spanish food in the city
2. Get my ring cleaned at the jeweller's
3. Get some sun--I'm super pale!!!
4. Have one day where nothing gets done--just pure laziness
5. Fix trim--so driving me crazy right now
6. Finish the blanket I'm working on
7. Learn how to make infant baby booties
8. Get to a Phils game

I'm going to carry over some of the things from last month. The trim definitely needs to get done because I'm finally hosting Bunco. Can't have my house looking amess.
  1. Fix trim!
  2. Master infant booties
  3. Get rings cleaned/inspected
  4. Finish half of new blanket
  5. Spend more time on the beach
  6. Plant flowers in flower boxes
  7. Make another hat

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