Monday, June 22, 2009

The Wedding Video

We have yet to receive our wedding video, but this weekend we got a letter from our videographer responding to my lawyer's letter. He said that he will have it to us by June 30th, which is in a week.
He claims that he was sick in the Spring and Fall of last year and then his editting equipment broke/needed updating. Hmm...if you can update that other website you run, why couldn't you shoot me a quick email and let me know that you're sick and your equipment is effed? Why couldn't you respond to the NUMEROUS emails I sent you? Or respond to a phone call??
I am so fed up with this that I don't even want to see the video. Really. It's going to be horrible and it's probably going to make me a bad way, not an "I'm so happy" way.

Lesson to any brides out there: get all deadlines and due dates in writing...whether you know the person or not.

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