Monday, June 1, 2009

Quick Updates

This weekend we're heading to Ohio to see Mr. B's dad. His friends are throwing him a surprise 60th birthday party and we're the big surprise :D It'll be a quick trip though; almost less than 24 hours. Kind of stinks, but we both have to get back to work Monday.

The rest of the summer is pretty much planned out, which stinks because it makes it seem so short. Next weekend we have a baby shower/55th birthday party. I'm excited to go because I can't wait to give the mommy to be the blanket I made for her little girl. I'm secretly hoping she cries and makes a big deal about it :P The birthday party is the father to be's dad. It's going to be an ish-fest and I might have to call out sick that Monday---yes, it will be THAT bad. LOL

The weekend after that we're doing a yard sale with my parents and then the next weekend we have my cousins HS graduation party to attend. After that, it's already 4th of July and then we have a free weekend followed by the chaos surrounding a party we're throwing. The next weekend it's my mom's birthday and then who knows...

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