Sunday, May 24, 2009

1 Year & My 100th Post!

Yesterday was our 1 year wedding anniversary. I can't believe how quickly this year went by! It does not feel like a year at all and if the rest of my life goes by this fast, I'll be 75 in the blink of an eye.

We had a really relaxing weekend down the shore. The weather has been great so far and we definitely got some much needed sun. It was nice to just sit around and do pretty much nothing for a few days. We're heading back home today to get ready for our trip. We can't wait!! So far we haven't packed a thing and we still have to run out for some last minute things to take with us...definitely suntan lotion.

There are these really annoying kids next door that are having a yard sale for the second day in a row. For an hour now they've been yelling, "YARD SALE!!!" at the top of their lungs. Really kids, a sign would suffice, but you are too stupid and your parents are too hung over to care. I wish we could put up a 10 ft high fence with barbed wire on it to keep them away from us, but somehow, I think they'd still manage to annoy us. Oh well....note to self: teach Brinkley to attack small, annoying children :)

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