Monday, December 14, 2009

My eye

Recently my blog posts and facebook status updates have involved my right eye. For the past couple of week it's been acting up and looking like it had pink eye.

Last time I went to the eye doctor she told me I had allergy bumps underneath my eyelid and that I needed to use this eyedrop stuff to fix it. Well that worked, but ever since the seasons changed at least once a week I was waking up with a swollen, red right eye. This happened again this past Thursday and I had enough. I had an emergency appointment to have the Dr. look at my eye again. My tickly little eye decided to clear itself up just in time foe my appointment Friday, but te bumps were still there and my story was convincing enough that she prescribed me yet another eye drop. Two, in fact.

I have to use on of them 4 times a day until tomorrow and then I have to use a different one 2 times a day until the problem stops. Now, if I'm supposed to use the we drop everyday how will I know when to stop using it?? This is much like my allergy mess…I've attempted to go off it for a few days and when I do I always get a sinus infection. It's quite lovely.

I asked my doctor why all of a sudden are my eyes rebelling and her answer was that your body changes every once in awhile. And then she added that I'm going to experience so many more changes as I get older…gee, thanks. That's just what I wanted to hear!!

Off to put my second drops of the day in!!!

- Mrs. B

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