Friday, April 9, 2010

Welcome, Spring...

...or is it Summer? The weather in NJ the past few days was nothing short of bazaar. 90 degrees in April...crazy, huh? Unfortunately, with that gorgeous weather came pollen. Tons and tons of pollen and guess who's allergic to pollen? :::points finger at self::: THIS GIRL. Lovely.

I have never been so miserable due to allegies in my life. I swear, each year the news says, "this year will be worse than the last". How is that possible? I spent most of last night lying on the couch with my eyes closed because if I got up, I got dizzy and saw spots and if I opened my eyes they burned. I sneezed at least 50 times yesterday and my poor nose has the telltale redness to prove it. I better be ok for Jamaica or I'm gonna freak out.

In other news, my aunt found a statue of St. Joseph for me and I promptly put him in our window. Supposedly, if you bury St. Joseph he will help you sell your house. Sounds kind of like a superstition to me, but what the heck...I'll give it a try. The only thing with my aunt's statue is that it's massive; over a foot tall. There's no way I'm going to dig a 2" deep hole in the ground, put this thing in and not get reported to our condo association by some nosey, bored neighbor. I'll take a pic and upload it when I get home. We're doing an open house on Saturday because we have plans Sunday, so I really hope this does the trick.

- Mrs. B

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