Saturday, May 1, 2010

Yummy cocktail

I am current home sans access to a car. Mr. B is currently down in Atlantic City with some friends . With my license. We went to the Phillies game last night, and in an attempt to not take my purse, I entrusted Mr. B with my license. Unfortunately, I forgot to ask him for it before he left today. When I realized this, he was at least 20 minutes away and I was at Hallmark getting a communion, confirmation, 2 mothers day cards and a birthday card. Crap.

At this point, Mr. B was not coming back to give me my license, so I stocked up at the Wegman's around the corner an proceeded home cautiously. I bought myself some dinner and a bottle of European Blood Orange Soda. Sounds delicous, right?! I thought about just having it by itself, but then I remembered I had some vanilla vodka in the liquor cabinet. ( it's more of a wine cabinet with some liquior in it)

I mixed up about 1/3 vanilla vodka and 2/3 Blood Orange Soda on a glass full of ice and viola! I had myself a cocktail or 4...but who's counting?! Try it, it's delicious!!

-Mrs. B

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