Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I officially rock

Somehow I managed to get an A and an A- in my classes this semester. I honestly have no clue how I pulled that off, but I'm obviously a good multi-tasker! I'm going to reward myself with something nice. I was thinking maybe new sandals, but I may just wait until after Vegas to see what kind of $$ I come back with. I desperately want a new computer. I'm super jealous of Mr. B's new Dell, but I also want a nice camera. Like a real camera...not a 7MP piece of crap.

This was probably the hardest semester so far, plus it was my first time taking 2 classes at once. Both were really demanding and I don't know that I'd do it again unless I knew that one would be kind of easy.

For the summer semester, I'm only taking one course. Not too sure how it will go because we have a group project, which I loathe, and I don't know anyone in my group. The prof is nice and pretty fair, so hopefully everything will turn out ok. I already know that I'm missing one class because of Vegas and I'll probably have to leave early for an association meeting.

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