Sunday, February 28, 2010

Open House #2

I've taken up the same position in the bay window seat I had during the last open house, but I'm minus a copilot. Mr. B and I decided that it would be alot less intimidating to prospective buyers if we took shifts and only one of us were in the house at one time. I totally agreed and now I'm bored. I got first shift and it's inky been 15 minutes since he left. Totally,utterly bored. I don't know how realtors do it. I'm such an inpatient person and I don't do well waiting.

I assume that I could go take some updated pictures for flyers and ads. My luck someone would come in just as I was pulling out my camera. At least my shift is only an hour long. In the meantime, Mr. B is going to search out some open houses for us and make a run to Wegman's for some bulk goods.

Not an interested person in sight yet, but I'll let you know how the rest of the open house goes!

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