Monday, March 1, 2010

Open House #2 Results

After I finished my post yesterday about going to take pictures, I went to get my camera and the batterry was dead. Figures. I played some games on my phone, stalked the neighbors from the front window and before I knew it, it was 10 till 2 and Mr. B was calling me. He was stopping at Cosi for some eats and wanted to know if I wanted anything. He said he'd be home in a few minutes.

At this point, no one had come and I was beginning to think no one would. I even put a fake name on the sign in sheet to make myself feel better and to somehow make the people that may come think that people were really interested in our place and they should act fast. Lame, I know.

A couple of minutes after I got off the phone with Mr. B, a car drove by slowly and I could see the people in it looking at the sign. They turned around and parked and I ran frantically from room to room turnig on lights and making sure everything was perfect. The couple that came in were really nice. They just moved to the area and are living in the apartment complex that's within waking distance to our place. They seemed to really like it and ask alot of questions. I sent Mr. B a quick text to let him know not to come inside.

They left and Mr. B was already on his way up with the food. I told the whole story while stuffing my face with my delicious Cosi sandwich and keeping a look out for more people. I had just decided to leave and let Mr. B start his shift alone when I saw 2 cars pull up. One appeared to be a realtor and one looked to be a daughter and her parents. I quickly made my way downstairs and made sure to give a nice friendly 'hello!' to the girl and I walked past her. I then watched as they all looked at our sign and then up at the condo and continued to the middle section of the building. Eff! My guess was that they had a scheduled showing at the place that's for sale next door. It's a middle unit with pretty much zero upgrades. Blah if you ask me.

I called Mr. B and gave him a quick rundown of what to say because they were most likely going to come by afterwards. And they did. Mr. B said they loved the place (which I was pretty sure of compared to that nasty middle unit) and that they loved my cookies. I'd like to think that's a great sign, because no one else has taken any cookies at either open house. The Nestle swirls chocolate chip cookies always come out tasting amazing.

So yesterday went really well. We now have 3 realtors that are willing to work with us and the weather for next weekend looks amazing. 50 and sunny, which should mean more people out and about and more people looking for houses.

- Mrs. B

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