Monday, March 22, 2010

Too busy to blog

I've been so busy recently that I haven't had time to blog or crochet at all. All of my spare time has been devoted to cleanig, homework, work-work and more cleaning.

We got zero feedback from the realtor at Tuesday's showing even though we called him and left a message. Nice, huh? Saturday we got a call at 1pm for a showing at 3pm that day. Our listing specifically says 24 hour notice and we had Mr. B's dad staying with us. We called that realtor back to reschedule and she hasn't called back either. We're offering a commission so why are these realtors being so jerky?

This week is jam packed with school, travel for work, and a huge work presentation down in DC. I'm hoping that my life will calm down a little starting in April, but I feel like everything is only speeding up. A vacation is sorely needed...

- Mrs. B

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