Monday, March 8, 2010

Open House #3

We had our third open house yesterday and the turn out was decent but not what we were expecting with the sudden warm weather. We had three groups, a realtor, and a neighbor stop by to see the place. None of the people that came seemed truly interested, which was disappointing.

The neighbor that came over is strange. I don't think he expected me to be home. He walked in the door and just kind if stood there. I got a really strange vibe from him and I'm just glad I had my phone in my hand if you know what I mean. Creepy is a good word to describe him. The whole encounter was awkward.

A younger girl came in with her parents and her dad seemed impressed with the work we had done. The daughter seemed like a little bratt and opened up every possible door, cabinet, etc in the place without even really looking and then complained about the popcorn ceilings. Sorry, I'm not going to scrape over 1,000 sq ft of popcorn off of the ceiling and make a huge mess when it's not going to give me any return. Not to mention the 14' ceilings would be a bitch to scrape.

Mr. B and I are discussing the next step to take. We most likely won't have another open house for at least 2 weeks becuase we're super busy. We'll most likely pay to put it on because we're not ready for a realtor just yet.

Stay tuned!

- Mrs. B

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