Monday, March 23, 2009

Restaurant Review: Caffe Aldo Lamberti

I'm not even going to bother posting the address/link because it was that bad. We went here with 4 other couples for Restaurant Week on a Sunday night. Our original dinner reservation was at 4pm and they called the day before to move us back 2 hours to 6pm. Everyone arrived by about 7pm and up until then the service had been horrible.

We had at least 3 different waiters come over and take drink orders, but none of them ever came back. We didn't get any water on the table until after 7:30 and the bread didn't show up until after we asked for it. The bus staff was horrible too; half of the table ended up with wet laps from the way they were tossing the water into glasses.

We all finally ordered by about 8pm and some of the people at the table still didn't get their drinks. We actually had to waive a waiter over to specifically tell him to bring the drink orders he took at 7pm. The first course wasn't bad. I got roasted red peppers with mozzarella and Mr. B got Caesar salad. Nothing to write home about...

For our second course, I got lobster ravioli in a blush sauce and Mr. B got homemade gnocchi in a cream sauce. My ravioli was good, but it was cold by the time I got it. The gnocchi was really soft and kind of gross.

For the third course, I got the salmon and Mr. B got the short ribs. The salmon was so dry...completely overcooked. It was also a really small portion with barely any side dish. Mr. B said the short ribs were good, but there was literally a teaspoon of mashed potatoes on the plate.

Dessert was horrible. We got two sampler plates and there weren't nearly enough cannoli's to go around. Everything was warm. Warm cheesecake tastes like a dirty foot...very gross. One of the desserts was a mousse and it was so warm that it turned into a puddle when you touched it.

Overall, I would never go here again. Service was horrible, food was poor and the chairs were unbelievably uncomfortable. Don't go here because it's an absolute waste of money. Taco bell is better.

0.25 stars out of 5

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