Friday, March 6, 2009

Dublin--Day 3

On our second full day in Dublin (day 3 of our trip) we decided that we had spent enough time getting lost in the city that we had found our way around. We took the train up to the town of Malahide to see the Malahide Castle. The round trip train ride was pretty inexpensive and the train was pretty nice. The ride there only took about 30 minutes.

Right outside the station there was a really pretty church. We took some pictures and then headed towards the castle. The walk there was never ending, but it was pretty cool because you're just walking on a paved path through the forest. The castle was really pretty and had really lush green land around it. I was upset that we weren't allowed to take pics inside, but N snuck some pictures in some of the rooms. The entire place was really small and I found myself ducking down in alot of doorways.

We were just leaving the castle to make the trek back into the town of Malahide to get something to eat and this lady came up to us with her daughter, her bike and a dog. We thought she was going to ask us to watch the bike, but she asked us to watch the dog. I was amazed by how trusting she was. I guess she figured that alot of tourists visit the castle and what are they going to do with someone's dog while they're on vacation? The dog was really cute and her name was Oscar, which is the same as N's doggie :) She must have been some kind of pug mix because she kept doing this snorty-grunt thing. So cute!!!

N and I tooled around the town a bit, but decided to eat at one of the first places we saw, Duffy's. We were just about to cross the street to go in and we saw this guy trying to parallel park. A cab driver was behind him and kept inching up even though the guy was obviously trying to park. The guy parking opens his door, leans out of the car and starts yelling, "Are you trying to be an asshole, or were you just born that way?!" at the cabbie while STILL parallel parking. The cab driver parks his car and gets out to ask the guy what he said and yell at him some more. I'm not lying when I tell you that the guy in the car parked his car perfectly while having an argument with this guy. Now they're both out of their cars yelling at each other and then the next thing you know they throw their hands up in the air and go their separate ways. I wish we would have taken a picture or video. It was so hilarious!

Our lunch at Duffy's was very good and not at all what I was expecting. I had a wrap with some spicy chicken, cheese and red peppers, which came with crisps (potato chips) and N had a grilled cheese with chips (french fries). We both got a pint of Bulmer's, which is a delicious hard cider that tastes like apple juice. The pub was really empty for lunch time, so we still don't know when people from Ireland eat their meals.

We took the train back to the city and tried to find St. Patrick's Cathedral, but to no avail. We did find Christ Catholic Cathedral and this really delicious pastry place called, Queen of Tarts, which I highly recommend!! After that we were both pretty tired, so we went to Spar and got some booze for the room. Booze and cookies...mmmm....

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