Friday, March 6, 2009

Dublin --Day 2

Now we have about 6 hours before we can actually get into our hotel room and pass out, so we hop a bus into the city center. We walked around and saw a few sights and then we got lost in the never ending loop of Indian restaurants and Trinity College. We also found this really cute little crepe cafe called Lemon. I had a Chai and a scone and N had some tea and a chocolate croissant.

Trinity College was a really pretty campus, but they had absolutely no bathrooms. We went to see the Book of Kells at Trinity College, but alas, it didn't open until noon and it was 8euro to see it. We did see a big shiny gold ball and a SHAG week sign, which was quite interesting. We also saw the pub, The Hairy Lemon. It too was not open yet. I'm really not sure what Ireland's work hours are, but I think I should move there. No one works during the day and everything closes at 6 or 7 pm. On Sundays it's a ghost town. We were able to find a Pizza Hut, but it definitely wasn't the same as US Pizza Huts. No breadsticks :(

Center of Dublin

The Hairy Lemon

Oh yes, SHAG week!

Trinity College Campus

We decided to go to a free museum to see what kind of art Dublin had in store for us. There were these trecherous stairs that I fell up and then I fell asleep on a bench. The curator guy kept giving me dirty looks because we were sitting in front of these little kids drawing. He probably thought I was some kind of petaphile or something. I was so tempted to just lie down on the bench, but I figured that getting kicked out of a museum on your first day in the city isn't wise.

We took a bus back to the hotel and I proceeded to tell my mom the whole arrival story and then I laughed until I was crying. I was absolutely delirous! We decided to take a nap, which turned into 6 hours. Nothing was open for dinner by that time so we walked down to the convenience store called, Spar. We would frequent this place at least once a night. It was awesome because they had food and booze! We got our goodies and headed back to the hotel room. Mmmm...chocolate wafer cookies...I had them in Spain and had been craving them since :)

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