Friday, March 6, 2009

Dublin--Last days

Our third full day in Dublin we went to the Guinness Factory and the Jameson Distillery. I absolutely loved the Guinness Factory. We spent a good 4 or so hours in there going through the self-guided tour. That place is amazing! N and I both got to pour our own pints of Guinness and I think we did the best. We even got certificates!!

After drinking some beer we headed back to the hotel to drop off all of the Guinness propaganda that we bought and then quick caught a bus back into the city for some fish and chips. I had some lemon sole and it was delicious!!

The Jameson Distillery isn't in the best part of town, but we took the tram over there to get our drink on. The distillery isn't where they make the actual whiskey anymore, so it's more of a museum with a bar. We both volunteered to do a taste testing, which was fun. I'm not much of a whiskey drinker, but I like Jameson! I bought a bottle of 12year old whiskey for Mr. B while we were there. We also took some glasses from our tasting ;-) Gotta love free souvenirs!

We did some more shopping afterwards and got some food in the room. The next day we were on a mission to find everything that we couldn't find before. We ate at Lemon again--love their chai! We were able to find the Dublin castle, which was very cool and we also found St. Patrick's Cathedral :) N and I also made a stop at Temple Bar for a drink and had a nice conversation with an Irish guy that claimed to be an ex-pro golfer. On the way back to the hotel that night we almost got into a scuffle with this supremely rude guy on the bus. He pushed past N even though we were obviously getting off of the bus too, so we gave him a Philly-style verbal beat down. He didn't like that too much and ran far, far away from us. It was pretty funny.

That night we just did some packing. We had alot of 'free' souvenirs to pack and my luggage got a nice heavy tag on it, but no extra charge, which was nice. I'm so glad that I went to Ireland. It was a blast!

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