Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Cards

So I finally bit the bullet and made a Christmas list in Word. It took me forever, but I think I got just about everyone. It made me realize that I definitely ordered way to many Christmas cards. Oh, well...too late.

I wanted to use a picture of us from Spain with actual Spain stuff in the background, but alas, we don't have that many pictures with the two of us in them because we didn't want some little bambino to run away with our camera. The picture we're using is ok though, and it's from Spain, so that's all that matters. Here is my masterpiece via Snapfish:

I was able to use a code I found online at for 20%'s SNAPPYSGIFT if anyone is interested. I would have used a wedding picture too, but since I don't have the rights to my damn pictures I couldn't do that. I told Mr. B that the rights to my pictures would make an excellent Christmas present, but our $50 limit this year for presents doesn't cut it.

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