Monday, December 1, 2008

Food Overload

I ate so much this weekend...I feel like such a slob. At least I have a couple weeks of repreive before Christmas. All of my crazy, running around shopping should help me stave off a lb or two.

I think I'm about 60% done my holiday shopping. It feels like it snuck up so fast this year! Where did 2008 go?! I feel like it was just NYE yesterday. By the way...I don't like this adult-having to buy presents for everyone's annoying and time consuming. I'd be fine with just doing a Secret Santa and being done with it. There are like 20+ people I have to buy presents for and my bank account doesn't like it very much. I told Mr. B that we're just going to do something nice, just the two of us, as our Christmas presents and that we could get each other small presents that are under $20. It'll be tough, but it will force us to be creative.

I have no motivation to do work, but I really should. I'd rather be back in bed sleeping--which I didn't get to do much of last night. I should have called in sick. Boss man isn't in so it really wouldn't have made a difference. Oh well...maybe later in the week.

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