Monday, December 15, 2008

Tom & Heather's Wedding

Saturday Mr. B and I went to our friends Tom and Heather's wedding in NE Philly. Heather looked so beautiful and Tom was so handsome! The mass was so cute...the priest kept making wise cracks about Tom being Italian.

The reception was held at The Fountain Room, which us up by the Franklin Mills Mall. The cocktail hour was really good and the drinks were fabulous. The reception room was gorgeous. They had a red, silver and white theme. The food was excellent and the DJ was really good. They had a surprise toward the end of the night--they had actual Mummers come and sing us a few songs. Mr. B and I had a great time...especially slow dancing to "Pour Some Sugar on Me". The entire dance floor cleared out and it was just us with our glasses on. I was crying I was laughing so hard.

Best wishes to the new couple!

My MIL, Mr. B, me and SFIL

The happy couple.

Delicious cake!
Tom's sister, Tom, and his two best men.

The DJ gave us these glasses when we requested a song. We wore them most of the night.

The Fralinger's Mummer group!

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