Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lots of Progress

But sadly, no pictures yet, as I have homework to do and bills to pay. We took two car loads and a truck load of stuff that we had accumulated over the past 4 years due to a housewarming party, engagement party, bridal shower and wedding. Lots of stuff; and sadly, stuff that was still in the original boxes.

The closets are now free of clutter and thoughtfully and neatly organized. Space! Lots of space!! I'm so proud of the progress we made, but still freaking out at the prospect of actually selling our first place. We've decided that we're going to try to go it alone for a month and see what kind of interest we get. If we fail miserably, we'll find a realtor and fork up the $$$.

Our listing is officially on Craig's List and Yay for free advertising!! We're having our first open house in 3 weeks and we are going to have one every weekend for a month...because that won't be stressful. This morning I woke up at the crack of dawn (my mind wouldn't stay asleep...hmmm, wonder why.) to write up a list of things that need to get done in the next three weeks. All of it is cosmetic and involves finishing up the little odds and ends that never quite got fixed from the projects we've taken on.

Last night I made some really cute pieces of art that will take the place of the coat rack we put in storage. The wall looks so bare right now that it just needs something. I will post pictures as soon as they're hung. Unfortunately, after yesterday's box-apalooza, I was not in any mood, or condition for that matter, to document my process.

The next few posts will include our Granite Transformations experience, the clutterless pictures and a few DIY projects. Let the cleaning begin!

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