Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I just wrote up an entire post on staging our house and I deleted it by accident. Doh! That's what I get for typing it up on my iPhone at work.

We are in the process of staging our house so we can put it up for sale. Mr.B and I have been in quite a few open houses over the past year and, needless to say, not many people take the advice the plaster all over HGTV. Staging sells houses! The buyer wants to be able to picture themself in your place; they don't want to see all your junk and wonder if they can fit all of their stuff in there.

This is why Mr.B and I are beginning the process of clearing out everything that is not absolutely necessary. Like those plates from college we haven't used in 3 years, or that electric knife that's still in the box from my bridal shower or my stack of year books. Going through all of our stuff has made me wonder why we even still have all of these things I we don't need them. I love getting rid of clutter--it's cathartic for me. I'm beginning to wonder if I've just been holding on to stuff just to be able to throw it away later, but I know it's really because I've been waiting for us to get a house. I'd see some fabric and say," that would be great for curtains in a kitchen" even though there are no windows in our kitchen now. Or I'd make a great find at Marshalls and snatch it up for 'later'.

This weekend should be filled with more exploration into every nook and cranny in our place, which I'm thoroughly looking forward to. I'm hoping to find some long lost something that I can use to help decorate and make our place look so absolutely fabulous that the first person in the door will NEED to have our place whatever the cost (a girl can dream, right?)

I hope to post some pictures sometime this weekend. Maybe some before and afters or maybe just some befores...depends on how sucked in I get to cleaning :)

-Mrs. B

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