Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What a pleasant surprise!!

Mr. B and I have a lot in common and one thing we really enjoy is working out together. Most days during the week we'll go to the gym together and then do our own workouts. About once or twice during our workouts we'll check in with each other and see how the other is doing. Mr. B even helps me plan out my workouts for the week.

Lately, we've been dreading going to the gym for fear of all the crazy, lazy newbies that always seem to show up the first week of the New Year. We are three days into the week and the gym really hasn't been that bad. Hooray!! I would do cartwheels if I could. It's been crowded but nowhere close to the insanity last year--lines for equipment and arguing. Ugh...

Yesterday I even got to do a kettlebell workout without slugging some daydreaming moron in the head. I did a circuit of 3 sets with 4 different exercises and I was done in 15 minutes. I thought my heart was going to explode out of my chest! I love workouts like that!!! Everyone else just stares at you like you have 10 heads while they workout with their under trained trainer thats texting and has them doing things incorrectly.

Let's just hope that next week has about the same turn out as this week (less would be ok too).

- Mrs. B

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