Friday, January 16, 2009


I think they're blowing cold air from outside into my office building. Hello?! There is someone actually in work today! I really wish I had an automatic car starter. It was absolutely frigid last night leaving class and getting into my car this morning. Two days in a row there's been this bird sitting on the street/sidewalk in my way. Yesterday it scared the crap out of me because I almost stepped on it and today I almost ran it over because it was in the street. WTF is this bird doing on the ground when it's this cold out?!

Yay for being done work early today :) I'm going to the gym right from work. Otherwise, I wouldn't want to brave the cold again to work out. So far, I've lost about 3lbs but I'm not really sure if that's just my weight fluxuating or really weight I've lost. My clothes still feel the same, but hopefully I'll notice more of a change soon. Mr. B is also doing really well with his 'diet' and working out. Lookin good Mr. B! ;-)

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