Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Today is Inauguration Day for President-Elect Barack Obama. DC federal workers have off, but I really think that all federal workers should have off today. I'd like to watch the inauguration, but I'll be at work. One of my coworkers is actually going to try to get down there to see it, but honestly it'll probably just be a futile attempt. It seems like no one is really going to make it too far into the city with the masses of people they're expecting. I just hope that everyone plays nice and nothing goes wrong down there.

Saturday, Mr. B and I went to my good college friend's birthday party. It was fun :) Her family cooked us a big meal and we played some drinking games and board games. Mr. B and I dominated the beer pong table for about 10 straight games. Her other friends were asking where she found us and if we were pros...ha ha ha! The drive home was not so fun (1 hour) and there were cops galore! I have no clue what so many staties were doing out at 1am.

Sunday was a lazy day because we both felt like crap. The Eagles played a sucktastic game against the Cardinals and lost. They could have won if they really wanted to, but they played down and McNabb decided that he didn't want to throw any good balls to his receivers. Oh well...at least we have the Phils.

Yesterday was Mr. B and my 2 year engagement anniversary. We didn't do anything special, but it was nice to just sit around. We did get a wedding present in the mail from one of his cousins. I'm not sure if it was backordered (which I don't think it was) or they just sent it. Odd, but I was happy to get a nicely wrapped Crate and Barrel box from the UPS guy. I panicked because I thought Mr. B had gotten me something for our anniversary and I hadn't gotten him squat.

I'm really not one to celebrate little anniversaries like that. I can't even remember when our first real date was. Mr. B said it was on my birthday when we met at the mall for pizza before he went to work. I honestly have no clue if we hung out before that or not. All I know is that by Christmas that year we were inseparable and neither of us minded one bit. Love you, babe!

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