Tuesday, January 20, 2009


This was on my poetry of the day calendar for yesterday:

Freedom is not following a river.
Freedom is following a river,
though, if you want to.
It is deciding now by what happens now.
It is knowing that luck makes a difference.

No leader is free; no follower is free--
the rest of us can often be free.
Most of the world are living by
creeds too odd, chancy, and habit-forming
to be worth arguing about by reason.

If you are oppressed, wake up about
four in the morning; most places,
you can usually be free some of the time
if you wake up before other people.

--William Stafford

I just thought this kind of applied to MLK Jr. day, as well as me since I wake up at the crack of dawn and people usually ask me why and how I do it.

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