Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm a huge klutz

Mr. B and I went grocery shopping yesterday much later in the afternoon than usual. There were a bunch of crazy people rushing around trying to get home with their food before the Eagles game so it was a little crowded. Mr. B and I have a system to minimize our time in the supermarket. He stands in line for the lunch meat and I start with the veggies and get as far down the list as I can before he meets back up with me.

Well, I'm about half way down our veggie/fruit list and there's a mom with her two kids running wild in the aisle that I need to cut through, so I decide to whip around and go down the next aisle. I whipped my damn cart right into this apple pie stand that knocked over a barrel, yes an entire BARREL, of apples. All I could do was stand there as the barrel teetered and then fell to the ground spilling tons of apples everywhere. And just as this was happening, one of the produce guys came around the corner and witnessed the entire thing. My face was bright red and I felt horrible. I was appologizing profusely and I started picking up my mess. I didn't think anyone saw it, but somehow Mr. B saw it from across the store. I was so embarassed and I felt bad for the stocker who had to help me pick it back up. Leave it to me to cause a scene in the grocery store...

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