Tuesday, September 2, 2008

...and We're Married

The wedding is finally over and I want to do it all over again. I miss the planning and the researching that occupied my life for so long. Mr. B is glad to have me back to normal and out of planning/bridezilla mode. Yes, he was afraid that I would be permanently stuck in bride brain mode.

About two months after we got married, I got this itch to buy a house. I also convinced Mr. B that it was his itch to scratch also. We went to one Sunday's worth of open houses and decided that we didn't have enough money to even start looking because the houses in our price range were a mess. Now we're just going to do some work to our current place and hope that brings the sale value up a bit.

Our plans are to replace the windows, which are 20 years old and aluminum--meaning that they're as good as nothing. We also want to redo the guest bathroom, which entails a new vanity, flooring, paint, mirror and light fixture. On our 'Like to do' list are the kitchen countertops and flooring for the rest of the house.

I'm so glad we're married and can get on with living our lives together!

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