Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So Exhausted

Ugh...going to class at night is really draining me. Especially after working a 10 hour day. Our professor expected us to sit and work on a homework problem for 15 minutes at the end of class last night. My brain was mush and I felt so bad because he made us work in partners and I was of absolutely no help. I didn't get home until almost 8:30. Thank God Mr. B is so supportive--he made my lunch for today for me and he had the house all cleaned up.

I only have a half day tomorrow, so I'm going to go get a pair of rain boots for our trash the dress shoot just in case we do it in the rain. I guess I should pick up a golf umbrella too. I hope it's just spotty showers. I also hope that it doesn't rain on Sunday. We're going to the Phillies game--last one of the season! We went last year and it was so much fun...too bad it's not right on my sister's birthday like last year.

So this weekend, like every other weekend is packed with things to do. Friday is the TTD session and then I have a Dr's appointment. Friday night Mr. B is going to a semi-bachelor party and I'm going to Mexican with the girls and then out bowling. Saturday we have a party to go to for one of my preggers friends--it's a non-baby shower, LOL. Sunday is the game and then I guess cake and presents afterwards. I think BUNCO is Monday too. I'm definitely considering taking of Thursday so we can have a long weekend and focus on getting the bathroom completely done.

I just hope with all of this running around that we don't get sick! So many people at work are sneezing and coughing and calling out. That might be my excuse to come in late on Monday ;-)

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