Monday, September 8, 2008

NYC Trip

This weekend was pretty busy. Friday we had a window estimator come out and look at our craptacular windows. The quote was about $800 cheaper than the last one we got and he made us realize that the first window company forgot to tell us some things. We're awaiting a window vinyl swatch so we can get it approved by our association.

Saturday we braved the elements and went to see Young Frankenstein at the Hilton Theater in NYC. The play was really funny and our seats were great. We were in the Dress Circle (1st balcony) second row from the front. Dr. Frankenstein was played by the guy who was the pharmacist on Desperate Housewives, but Igor definitely stole the show.The weather held off until we got out of the theater. It was raining cats and dogs and the streets became rivers. I can't believe how wet we got.

We had dinner at an authentic Spanish restaurant called Sangria 46. The food was delicious and the sangria was amazing. I had a strawberry and peach sangria and Mr. B had a traditional red sangria. As appetizers we got shrimp wrapped in bacon and a grilled portobella mushroom with smoked salmon topped with a yummy cheese. The portobella was as big as the plate! Soo good! For our meals, Mr. B got a seafood mixture in a garlic sauce and I got a seafood paella. Both were pretty tasty, but I wish mine had a little more flavor. The dessert menu was so-so and we ended up getting Fast Breaks at the news stand at the train station.

I highly recommend taking the express train from NYC into NJ. The trip seemed so much faster going home and the train was newer and nicer. We were so glad to get home Saturday night and so exhausted. We both took nice hot showers to try to shake the cold, wet clothes we had to sit in for a couple of hours. It was worth it though. I just hope that next time we go we can avoid all hurricanes and tropical storms!

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