Monday, September 22, 2008


Mr. B and I pretty much just hung around all weekend. Friday night we decided to go over to the driving rang and hit a few balls. I had no clue what I was doing, but about 20 balls into my bucket I was actually able to hit the ball and get some distance--I was pretty proud of myself.

Afterward we picked up two movies at Blockbuster, The Cube and The Bank Job. I've seen Cube before and thought it was alright. It's a pretty messed up movie overall. The Bank Job was really really good! I love me some Jason Statham!!

Saturday we went and looked at some granite for the kitchen. We picked out a lighter color with darker streaks of color in it. It's fairly cheap too and they're coming out for an estimate on Thursday. Mr. B and I pretty much decided that we're going to wait a little bit to do the countertops though. We'd like to get the other bathroom done first. Yesterday we ended up buying a fridge at Lowes and then heading over to Home Depot to buy a vanity, tile, and a faucet. Next weekend we're going to pick out the paint color and get a mirror and light fixture. In two weeks we asked my dad to come over and help us install the tile. I'll make sure to post some before and after pictures on here.

We're so excited for a fridge that actually works and doesn't suck up electricity like crazy! Our fridge now has been leaking water out of the drip thingy underneath the freezer and generally not working well. It's so annoying! I feel like things go bad so fast. We're coming in about $300 under our budget for a fridge and $1100 under budget for our windows. We'll use part of that $1100 for the guest, Mr. B's, bathroom. We picked a pretty cheap ceramic tile, but I think it will look much nicer than the ugly, stained linoleum tile that's down now.

I'm so excited to do some renovations!

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