Monday, September 29, 2008

Another busy one...

So Friday Mr. B and I did our Trash the Dress session with Rob Medina of Medina Photography and we had such a great time! Rob was great to work with and the pictures look amazing! We met Rob over at the Navy Yard at about 10am and he had already found a good place to shoot some pictures. I was so paranoid the entire time that we were going to get arrested or in trouble for shooting by the ships...LOL. The session lasted about an hour and a half and I was exhausted by the end. Rob even said that I kind of looked like Whitney, the ANTM winner from Cycle 10.

That night I went out with the girls for Mexican food and bowling. We ended up only bowling one game, but it was still a blast. I came in second to last...woo-hoo! That night Mr. B was out with some friends in Manyunk for a friend's semi-bachelor party. I think he got sick and now I feel like I'm coming down with something :(

Saturday, we both pretty much hung around the house until noon or so and then we went for pizza and out to Home Depot for some more supplies for the bathroom remodel. The tab was a little higher than I expected, but we got just about everything we'll need for this weekend. I'm probably taking off Thursday to start ripping the bathroom apart and getting the walls ready for paint. We picked a tan-green color that I think will look nice with the tile and the espresso vanity.

Saturday afternoon we went to a baby shower and then we headed over to my parents for my sister's family birthday party. It was fun...we had some good chinese and watched the Phils clinch the NL East Division. We didn't get home until way late :(

Sunday we cleaned and then we went to the Phils last game of the season with my family, some of my sister's friends and one of my friends. It was fun, but I was disappointed that it was the second string playing. I was kind of hoping that they wouldn't win Saturday so the decision making game would be on least they won!

Here are a few more TTD pics:

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