Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Weekend Festivities & Activities

Such a busy weekend! I feel like I didn't sleep a wink! Friday I quick ran to the association to get our window color approved. I'm on the association board, so the manager knows me. She didn't say it, but she was like why the hell did you even bother coming down here? If it matches it matches...LOL. Oh well. After that I sped to the grocery store to stock up on goodies for my dad's birthday dinner and my mom's pre-surgery dinner. Then I ran home, unpacked, got dressed for the gym and hauled my fat arse over to LA Fatness. I did a quick workout, came home, showered, got dressed and waited for my parents to pick me and Mr. B up.

We went into Philly to go to a family friend's art show at the Philadelphia Cosmopolitain Club. Of course, it was pouring--I feel like we just bring the rain with us wherever we go nowadays. The show was nice. His stuff was really good, actually. I was surprised. I was also surprised by the pricetag. The cheapest piece was $400 and it was the size of a stamp. Ok, not literally a stamp, but maybe the size of a piece of paper. That's a little much for me!

Afterwards we went to Bellini Grill, which was right around the corner. The food there is absolutely amazing. I could eat there for eons. My mom had the crab ravioli, which was delicious. My dad had some kind of chicken in a blush sauce and Mr. B had some kind of beef stuffed with more meat. I had the pasta special--homemade spinach fetuccini in a blush sauce with rock lobster, clams, calamari, and scallops. It was so tasty! Everyone but my dad had cannolis for dessert. They are so good there!

Saturday, Mr. B and I cleaned the entire house because my parents and sister were coming over for dinner. So I had to cook, clean and I made it to the gym. I was so exhausted that night. We had chicken stuffed with ricotta and spinach, roasted red potatoes, balsamic marinated asparagus, dinner rolls and a salad. For dessert, my mom made her famous pound cake and it was probably the best I've ever tasted :)

Sunday we ran errands like crazy. Food shopping, Target, BB&B, Wegman's, BJ's and then back to Wegman's. We've been watching this new HBO show called True Blood--it's about vampires. It's pretty good and I think I'm getting hooked.

Monday I took off work because my mom was having surgery. She was scared, but I think she was glad that I was there. I just hope that her recovery goes smoothly!

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