Thursday, September 11, 2008

Westy's is the Best-y's

So Mr. B calls me sounding quite frantic on Tuesday. He wants me to take off of work so we can go down to the shore and hang out with his friends. He's leaving right after work, but of course, I have a meeting the next day and I have class on Tuesday nights until 8pm. After the phone call, I ran around to get the meeting pushed up :) Success! I asked my boss if it was ok and he said yes. Another sucess! Class got out 20 minutes early so I sped down 295, picked up some Wawa for dinner, shoved it in my mouth, packed a bag and flew down to the shore. I made record time even though there was construction!

I met Mr. B and his friends at Westy's bar in N. Wildwood. Being that it's the middle of the week and summer is over the place had all of 6 people in it including the bartender and 3 of Mr. B's friends. They were playing shuffleboard, so I grabbed a beer and joined in. Mr. B and I went 4 for 4 and beat all of the challengers in the bar.

We met some pretty interesting people Tuesday night. And there was some very interesting activities going on right before I walked into the bar. Things that shouldn't be done in public....ahem. The one guy we met is the owner of a bar in Wildwood called Goodnight Irene's. Since we helped him out with a problem (ie--falling down drunk 'friend') he said that we could go to his bar the next day and the tab was on him.

We ended up staying until about 2am. When we got outside the local cops were just sitting there in their cars waiting for us to grab our keys and drive home. We decided walking a few blocks was better than a possibly getting pulled over. After a quick stop at Wawa and a glass of water I slept like the dead...being up for 22 hours will do that to you.

We went to the Vegas Diner the next morning -- lots of coffees and greasy food to be had by all. Afterwards we went to Mr. B's friends' condo and watched some good old Maury Povich and Jerry Springer...while drinking of course. We went swimming in the condo pool and just as we got out the sun decided to show up. We went to Goodnight Irene's to take the guy up on his offer and it was a bust. The place was nice...good food too, but the guy's brother wasn't there and he didn't call us back. Oh well.

I wish we could have stayed the entire rest of the week, but Mr. and Mrs. B both had to get back to work. If only we could have gotten some nice beach time. Being a grown up sucks sometimes.

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