Monday, October 27, 2008

Exhausting Weekend

Friday drug myself into work and then went home sick. I spent the rest of the day in bed watching TV, drinking green tea, and overdosing on Cold-Eeze. I went to the gym later on in the day and sat in the sauna. That definitely made me feel better. Mr. B had class all night, so I basically just hungout and did laundry.

Saturday I went on a cleaning spree. We've been so busy that the cleaning had been pretty neglected. Lucky Mr. B...he had class till 4pm so I was the maid for the day. Sunday I had a bridal shower for a wedding we have in December. I also put away all of my summer clothes and put out my fall/winter clothes. I'm so glad to have my sweaters! I got home from the shower and went to the gym and sat in the sauna some more. I think all the Cold-Eeze and sauna-ing has really cut the length of my cold.

We stayed up until about the 7th inning last night, when it was pretty obvious the Phils were going to win. One more and we get a parade! I will definitely have to take off for that :) If it's a close game tonight, we'll probably stay up for the entire thing. I'm planning on getting a flu shot tonight, so hopefully I won't feel really crappy like I've heard happens sometimes. I'm making Mr. B come with me to hold my hand. I'm almost 26 and I still hate needles.

This coming weekend is going to be hectic. We're not doing anything for Halloween because Mr. B has a huge paper due for class and his dad is coming in from Ohio. It's also my birthday weekend! Yay! We also need to start getting everything ready for Spain, which is less than 2 weeks away!!!! Craziness, but honestly I just can't wait till all of the rushing around and chaos is over. It's just way too stressful when you're not feeling well and you have a million things to do and a million places to go.

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