Thursday, October 30, 2008

World Series Champs!

Holy crap! I'm still in shock that the Phils are World Series Champs! Mr. B and I went to the Chickie and Pete's on Roosevelt last night with a few of his friends. The place was so packed, but we were lucky and got a booth right by the big screen. The food was amazing and fast--I was pretty surprised considering how crowded it was. There were some little kids there too, which was really cute. They started yelling at the TV; little fans after my own heart!

The game was so close through the entire 3.5 innings; almost like a sprint. It seemed to go by so fast. All of the guys did an amazing job and I'm so happy for them. I thought it was pretty hilarious that there was a mini Penn statue on the top of the Comcast building. That way nothing in the city was taller than him :-) I guess it worked.

I think Mr. B and I are going to make the trek into the city tomorrow. It's pretty convenient too because we both have off. It's going to be a mad house, but it will be so worth it. This is history in the making! Maybe I should bring some silly string to spray down the baseball commissioner. On the way to the bar last night we were listening to the radio and the announcer was talking about a sign he saw that said:
WS Tickets: $1400
Popcorn: $4
Baseball Commissioner: Useless (with Priceless crossed out)

How funny is that?! Only in Philly...


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