Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So I took my midterm last night and I have absolutely no clue how I did. My prof said that it would probably take the full 2 hours...I was done, like completely done, in an hour. I looked around to see if anyone else looked done and they were all furiously scribbling down answers. Crap. I sat there for another 10 minutes and made sure that I had answered all of the questions. I looked around again and no one was done. I spent another 10 minutes looking over my answers and I found one small mistake, but I couldn't find anything else. I scanned the room and still no one looked even near done. Crapx2.

I spent the next 15 minutes trying to look like I was doing something with the test. I couldn't take it anymore so I handed it in. I could feel everyone's eyes on me since I was the first to hand in the test. I handed it to my prof and he started to look it over. Please, please don't do that! I don't need to see the look of disgust on your face when you see how crapily I did. I felt guilty all the way home for turning it in 35 minutes early, but I was done. I ran every damn problem through my head over and over again and I don't think that I would have redone any of them differently. It's not like it's 20% of my grade or anything...

I think I'm actually kind of good at taking tests. I usually don't freak out and I can usually get some form of an answer. I guess that's good. I thought the test was kind of easy, but I guess I'll see next week if he hands them back. Two of the problems were straight from the notes or book...duh...if you didn't get them you're pretty stupid. I definitely didn't study as much as I should, but I knew where everything was and I knew when I saw a problem I had seen before.

Here's to hoping!

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