Thursday, October 16, 2008


The Phils are going to the World Series! How freakin fantastic is that?! I was so tired last night and I was fighting to keep my eyes open. I turned it off at the beginning of the 9th, but couldn't sleep a wink. We met my parents at the Pic and had some unbelievably awful wings. I still feel sick just thinking about them. Gross. I still have heart burn and a head ache from how nasty they were.

I feel like crap today. Sore throat and exhausted. Hopefully I can sleep during the car ride up to Pittsburg tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to 6 hours in the car with people that would draw phallic symbols on your face in a heartbeat. I will have to employ my ninja defenses whilst I sleep. Mr. B's friend said he wants to spend Saturday by the indoor pool at the hotel. Right now I look bad, really bad in a bathing suit--it's not summer anymore. Who knew I'd have to wear a bikini in the fall?! Oh they care anyway.

I need to get serious work done today. I brought in some Bruce to keep me on track. Hopefully he can inspire me to finish my damn presentation!

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