Monday, October 6, 2008

It's Monday Already?!

This weekend flew by! Mr. B and I both had off on Thursday and Friday so we decided to redo our bathroom. My dad suggested that we also rip up the old wood floors and put down new ones. This was a little more involved than we expected it to be and both projects took the entire weekend and they're still not 100% done.

Thursday we started by taking most of the stuff out of the main bathroom, prepping it for paint and painting. Friday morning we ripped up the old linoleum, took up the old wood floor and took most of it to the dumpster. When my dad got there we laid the backer board on the floor and I started tiling. My dad and Mr. B started laying out the underlayment for the wood floors. Saturday we started laying the wood floors and this proved to be alot harder than we anticipated. The walls weren't square, so we needed to cut alot of angles and weird pieces to make it look right. Saturday afternoon into night I grouted the tile. We almost ran out of the grout since it was left over from the other bathroom and Home Depot and Lowes didn't carry the brand anymore. I have about 2 tiles worth left that I'm hoping to use when we eventually rip up some cracked tile in the master bath.

Yesterday we finished the floor, cut some trim and started piecing the bathroom back together. We don't have a working sink yet and we still have to put up the towel bars and finish the trim work. It looks really great now and I'm so glad we did it. My parents were both such a great help and without them it would have been much more expensive and taken so much longer!

I think Mr. B has had his share of DIY projects for at least a year. He was going nuts with all of the dust and the clutter and I think he's relieved to have his house and his bathroom back. We'll finish up some little stuff tonight and then it's back to normal...finally!

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