Thursday, October 9, 2008

Yay for the weekend!

I am so so so excited about tomorrow night! We're going to Mr. B's work friend's wedding. It's being held at the same place we had our wedding so I'll get to eat everything that I didn't get to eat at our wedding. Mr. B actually has class until 9pm tomorrow night so I think my mom is going to 'crash' and come with me just for the cocktail hour. That way I don't have to be alone and we don't have to have two cars there. I plan on imbibing and having a wonderful time. I'm going to take tons of pictures too because I really appreciated the pictures she took from our wedding.

This will be the second actual wedding we've been to, but the first reception since our wedding. I might just cry...especially because I know and talk to the bride. I so want to get a new pair of shoes to wear tomorrow night, but I'm afraid they'll make my feet hurt and I'll just end up taking them off. We'll see. I'm off tomorrow so maybe at some point before going to the church I'll find my way to the mall and sniff out some deals.

Mr. B also has class Saturday all day and I'm going out Saturday night, so I probably won't really see him until Sunday morning. I'm sure I'll have a wicked hang over from 2 straight days of drinking--won't I be a prize?! Sunday and Monday I actually have to do homework. I have a midterm on Tuesday so I have to study. Who gives a test the day after a holiday weekend? Doesn't this guy know what people our age do on long weekends? Meh...whatever. The professor says I'll do alright, so I guess I should believe him. I should also learn how to work my fancy-smancy calculator so I can check my answers.

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